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Enjoy security on a private network with Meshnet

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    Create a private network with Meshnet for free

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    Host your own VPN server

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    Prevent open ports on your network

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What is a private network?

A laptop with NordVPN’s Meshnet private network turned on

A private network is a network of computers using various technologies to limit the network access to authorized users only. It also enables access control and implementing security measures to verify the identity of users attempting to access the network.

With Meshnet, you can create a private network and ensure the security and privacy of the data transmitted across the network as well as protect the devices on it.

Meshnet private network vs VPN: What’s the difference?

A laptop with NordVPN’s Meshnet private network turned on

The main difference between private networks created by Meshnet and virtual private networks (VPNs) like NordVPN is their intended purpose.

In a Meshnet private network, multiple devices are securely connected directly to one another, letting users share files and play LAN games together. A VPN, on the other hand, creates an encrypted connection between your device and a VPN server to shield your online activities from snoops and hackers.

Why creating a private network with Meshnet is worth it

Do more on your private network. Here are just a few benefits of using a private network.

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Your keys, your control

You hold the keys to your network and can control what devices can join it.

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Keep your network secure

Modern security algorithms will help keep your private network and all connected devices secure.

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Fewer open ports

Your private network allows secure access remotely without you needing to open your network ports manually.

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Create your own VPN server

Use devices as VPN servers. Choose any macOS, Windows, or Linux device on your network and reroute all traffic through it.

What can you do with the Meshnet private network?

Meshnet can improve your online gaming experience, protect your digital privacy, and keep your home devices secure.

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How to set up a private network with Meshnet


Download Meshnet

Meshnet is free even without a NordVPN subscription.


Turn on Meshnet on your devices

Devices belonging to your account will show up automatically.


Invite other people

Add the emails of your friends and family (up to 50 external devices).

Explore Meshnet

The benefits of having your own private network

Private network has many benefits, but you can do so much more with Meshnet.


Play with friends over LAN — even if they’re on the other side of the globe. Meshnet lets you create secure private networks for intense gaming sessions.

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meshnet gaming woman laptop headphones_alt
meshnet gaming woman laptop headphones_alt

File sharing

Skip the cloud and send files directly between your devices. Enjoy better security and avoid nosy cloud services.

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meshnet file sharing files down_alt

Joint projects

Collaborate on confidential tasks with enhanced privacy and security. Meshnet lets teams work seamlessly over their own secure private network.

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meshnet joint projects couple framed_alt

Download Meshnet for your device

Meshnet is available on the following operating systems.

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