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How to use NordVPN Meshnet for team projects

You can use NordVPN’s Meshnet feature in tons of cool ways, but in this post, we’d like to focus on a powerful use case for both small and international teams of coworkers. Read on to find out more about how NordVPN Meshnet can empower your team development projects.

Dovilas Bukauskas

Dovilas Bukauskas

How to use NordVPN Meshnet for team projects

What is Meshnet?

When you connect to an encrypted (password-protected) Wi-Fi network, your device enters a secure and private space that may contain other devices within it. Some of those devices you can even connect to or route your traffic through, like routers or home servers. Meshnet forms a similar sort of encrypted network, but it can do so remotely. Here are the two key functions you need to know:

  • Meshnet lets NordVPN users’ devices form their own encrypted networks where they can detect and interact with one another.
  • Meshnet lets some NordVPN users’ devices route their traffic through one another much like they would through a NordVPN server.

These key features can unlock new capabilities for your development projects – no matter your field. Let’s explore how.

How to use Meshnet for team projects

Practically any organization can make use of Meshnet, but it will really shine for remotely located teams that want to bring their members and devices closer together.

Some of the use cases we list below may initially seem similar to existing third-party services like Google Drive. However, Meshnet has a few key differences:

  1. Privacy: Your Meshnet network is encrypted and only includes devices you have authorized. This prevents third-party services or malicious actors from monitoring the files you send across this network (unless any of the participating devices are monitored or infected).
  2. Independence: Because Meshnet is built on devices owned by you and your friends or colleagues, you won’t depend on third-party services to provide access or storage. The storage space available will depend entirely on the devices you make available on the network, not a third-party subscription. Lastly, file and device access will depend on your own devices and team members, not a third-party service’s server status.
  3. Capability: Meshnet is a powerful tool whose capabilities exceed those described in the following list. Your organization or team may have additional special needs that will make Meshnet more of a no-brainer for you. You can find out about those in our Meshnet guide.

Here are a few ways you can use Meshnet for project work.

1. Secure distributed file sharing

When connected to a local area network (LAN), most devices will allow their users to create shared folders for that network. With your entire team connected to a Meshnet network, each member can create one or more folders accessible to everyone on the network. No matter how far apart you are, colleagues can copy files from one another’s folders effortlessly.

2. Storage opportunities

By adding a server to your Meshnet network, you can store files on a central server and have team members access them at will. If your team is totally decentralized, you can have different members store different types of assets at home and even control who has access to them. You can also expand your network’s storage capacity by adding your own devices that you control.

3. Traffic routing

Select devices can also be used by Meshnet members as traffic routing points. Essentially, with the device owner’s permission, other members of the private Meshnet network can route traffic through their device and assume that device’s IP address. This unlocks all sorts of potential personal and business uses like location-based testing, IP-based access, and more.

4. Product testing

Meshnet is especially useful for teams that might want to test app, software, or web builds. For example, a developer on the Meshnet could maintain a central demo version for other colleagues to test and work with, and colleagues can use one another’s IPs or even devices to test products without needing a third-party platform to do so.


NordVPN’s Meshnet can be a great asset for development teams and any organizations that want greater independence, security, and privacy for their remote teams. We have tutorials on how to set it all up, and all you need to get started is a NordVPN account!

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Dovilas Bukauskas
Dovilas Bukauskas Dovilas Bukauskas
Dovilas loves to simplify complex technical cybersecurity topics for broader audiences by working closely with developers and admins at Nord Security. This helps him create applicable tips that we can all use to stay more secure every day.