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Reasons to use NordVPN in Singapore

Hide IP address
Avoid being spied on

Singapore has a well-established surveillance system allowing the government to spy on its’ citizens. NordVPN changes your IP and secures your Internet traffic with military-grade encryption, so your ISP can’t monitor your online activity and get access to your information.

Enjoy secure streaming

It’s common for ISPs to throttle the connection speeds of their users. NordVPN doesn’t engage in bandwidth throttling. Instead, it encrypts your Internet traffic and changes your IP, allowing you securely stream your favorite shows with no deliberate interruptions or buffering.

File sharing
Share your files securely

P2P sharing may be extremely useful when you need to distribute large files quickly. However, many ISPs are often against P2P activities and may employ bandwidth throttling. NordVPN is P2P-friendly. It replaces your IP address, this way concealing your online activity from your ISP.

Double VPN
Protect yourself from hackers

Singapore is among the 5 countries that are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks in the Asia Pacific Region. NordVPN encrypts your Internet traffic with the most advanced security protocols, making it nearly impossible to hack. For maximum security use Double VPN.


Experience the Internet without censorship

In Singapore, the Internet is regulated by the Media Development Authority (MDA) that monitors all connections made via main Internet Service Providers (ISPs). In 2013, a website licensing regime was implemented, making a number of news sites inaccessible from Singapore due to “objectionable content.”

Among the prohibited content the Singaporean Internet Code of Practice lists content that's “objectionable on the grounds of public interest, public morality, public order, public security, national harmony, or is otherwise prohibited by applicable Singapore laws." As a result, many social or political blogs and foreign news sites, such as those based in Malaysia, cannot be accessed within the country. This leads to online news often being one-sided and, if looking even further – a limited freedom of speech.

NordVPN lets you securely bypass the local censorship. It funnels your Internet traffic through a remote VPN server and assigns you a different IP address. This way you appear as being located in another country and Singaporean censorship blocks no longer apply to your browsing.

With NordVPN, your Internet traffic is encrypted with the most advanced security protocols, so your ISP cannot track you online. Furthermore, we have a strict no logs policy and keep no records of your activities.

*The NordVPN service is not intended to be used for bypassing copyright regulations. For more details, please read the NordVPN Terms of Service

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