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Factory reset

(also hard reset, master reset)

Factory reset definition

A factory reset is a data-deletion method that people can use to erase all the data from their devices. Factory resets can be done on many different types of devices, including phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, hard drives, and other devices.

By doing a factory reset on a device, it is brought back to the original state that it was in when it was purchased. So apps that were installed before the device was bought will not be deleted. For example, if a factory reset is done on an iOS device, apps like Numbers, Pages, Books, Tips, and iMovie won’t be deleted.

Factory resets can also be done to fix certain issues on a device, like freezing. Most people do factory resets before selling, throwing away, or donating their devices.

See also: hard reset, data transfer

Factory reset on Android devices

  • Open “Settings” on the Android device.
  • Find the search bar, type “reset,” and click “Factory reset.”
  • Click “Reset device.”
  • Type in the Google Play password for the account used on the device.
  • Click “Reset all.”

Factory reset on iOS devices

  • Open “Settings” on the iOS device.
  • Click on “General” and then “Transfer or reset (device).”
  • Click on “Erase all content and settings.”
  • Enter the password of the AppleID accounts used on the device or type the device’s passcode (either one can pop up).