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Hard reset

(also factory reset, master reset)

Hard reset definition

A hard reset is the process of removing all data from a device and restoring its initial factory settings. A hard reset is performed to either remove all user’s data before they discard or sell the device or to fix certain issues. Similar to formatting a hard drive on a computer, a hard reset removes all applications, data files, profiles, and any other information a user may have entered into it.

Common reasons for performing a hard reset

  • The user wants to give their device to someone else or throw it away. A hard reset is needed to make sure their data won’t end up in someone else's hands.
  • Malicious software is impossible to remove with traditional antimalware tools.
  • Use modern antivirus software.
  • The device was stolen or lost, and remotely hard resetting it is the only way to protect personal information.
  • The user adjusted the system’s settings the wrong way, and the device is malfunctioning. If it’s impossible to find a solution and fix it, a hard reset will restore the initial settings.