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7 Steps to Close Your Twitter Account Permanently

May 17, 2017 · 4 min read

7 Steps to Close Your Twitter Account Permanently

Want to quit Twitter? Social networking peer pressure and the lure of the online world can make it feel like a harsh decision. After all, Twitter is used by 330 million people every month, and losing access to its giant feed may lead to an intense fear of missing out. However, if you are longing for a little more Internet privacy and wondering how to delete your Twitter account for all time, this guide is for you.

Why Would You Want to Leave Twitter?

You could ask Emma Stone whose Twitter account was hacked, Leslie Jones who faced horrific racist abuse, or any regular user who had the misfortune of attracting the attention of Twitter trolls. Although cyberbullying is rising on most social media platforms, Twitter is infamous for its apparent inability to curb the prevalence of abusive comments.

Even if you block such harassers, report them or get their tweets filtered, the nasty comments will remain visible on other users’ timelines. Your followers would still see the bullying tweets aimed at you. Why would anyone choose to spend time in such environment?

If you’re lucky enough to avoid verbal abuse, there’s still this scary excerpt from Twitter’s privacy policy: “What you share on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you Tweet!” That’s encouraging, especially if you have a habit of turning to your phone after a couple of drinks. And then there’s the list of data Twitter collects about you.

Information That Twitter Collects About Users

  • Basic User and Contact Data: All the information you provide when creating an account, such as username, password and contact details. If you provide your phone number, you allow Twitter to send you marketing messages.
  • Additional Information: Any extra information you submit to personalize your Twitter experience, such as your address book to help you find other users.
  • Tweets, Following, Lists, Profile, and other Public Information: Everything you do on Twitter publicly will be stored.
  • Direct Messages and Non-Public Communications: Everything you do on Twitter privately will be stored too.
  • Location Information: Whether you include your location in your tweets, or Twitter picks it up from cell towers or your IP address, it’s stored.
  • Cookies and Log Data: Like many services, Twitter collects your IP address, browser type, mobile carrier, landing pages, pages viewed, etc.
  • Links and Widgets: Data about how you interact with various links and widgets on Twitter and related services.
  • Payment Information: If you complete a transaction on any service owned by Twitter, your payment information (e.g. card number, billing address, CVV code etc.) will be stored.
  • Advertising and Third Parties: All of the collected data can be used to show you targeted information both on Twitter and various third-party sites.

Things to Know Before Proceeding

Whatever your reason for leaving may be, breaking loose from the Twitter world is not a very complex task, if you only know which steps to take.

First, consider changing your email address and username before deleting your account. This way, you could create a new account later with the same email or username as the deleted account. Changing your Twitter username and password will not affect any of your replies and followers.

Like many other online services, Twitter’s account deletion process will first deactivate your account for 30 days. This is a kind of a grace period — you’ll have a chance to reactivate your account if you’d rather not get rid of it. Maybe you’ve started freelancing and now want to use Twitter to promote your work. Or perhaps you just got cold feet and decided to come back.

In any case, if you change your mind, you can simply log into your deactivated account within 30 days. Twitter may take a few minutes to restore all your account data, but it will be there, waiting for you.

If you choose to keep the account closed, you should have in mind that your previous content may remain searchable through Google, Bing and other search engines. Also, Twitter may never actually delete all your account information permanently due to legal obligations. However, the information will be made inaccessible.

How to Delete a Twitter Account

If you want to terminate your Twitter account, you’ll have to visit the Twitter website in your web browser. There is no way to delete a Twitter account on mobile phone at the moment.

Step 1: Go to the Twitter website and log in.

Step 2: Click your user account picture and select Settings and privacy to access the settings of your account.

Step 3 (optional): If you want to hold onto your Twitter history, you can click the Request My Archive button at the bottom of the settings page. Twitter will email you a link to a file containing all the information, starting from your first tweet.

Step 4: Click the Deactivate my account link. You can find it at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: The next page will give you some important information about what happens when you deactivate your account. Read it carefully.

Step 6: After reading the provided information, you can go select Deactivate @username.

Step 7: Provide your password to confirm the deletion, and click Deactivate Account.

That’s it: Your account is deactivated for 30 days. If you change your mind, simply log back in within the 30 days. Otherwise, your account will be gone forever.

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