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NordVPN for iOS: release notes

Sep 04, 2019 · 3 min read

NordVPN for iOS: release notes

We call release notes an ode to new features, improvements, squashed bugs, and extra glam added to our app. Stay in the loop on the latest updates in the NordVPN app for iOS. We don’t want you to miss a thing!

NordVPN 4.4.1 (latest)

This release brings more than meets the eye: we’re improving things underneath to make your NordVPN experience even better.

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NordVPN 4.4.0

  • success
    Update the app and spot the difference: we’ve kind of reimagined the home screen. Expect more details about your connection and a few nice tweaks for better usability!
  • success
    You can now add NordVPN shortcuts to Siri directly from our app. Connect and disconnect from VPN by simply asking Siri nicely.
  • success
    Also, we’ve added an option to reinstall a VPN profile from our app settings if needed. This way, you don’t have to search for it in your phone settings.
  • success
    Minor bug fixes, of course.

NordVPN 3.3.9

What’s new:

  • success
    The app is even more thumb-friendly now. When navigating through server lists, simply swipe down to go back to the previous card.
  • success
    Minor bug fixes under the hood.

NordVPN 3.3.8

  • success
    More order, less scrolling: specialty servers are now categorized by country.
  • success
    Testing your patience is definitely not a thing we want to do. From now on, if we don’t manage to connect you to VPN fast enough, we will prompt a ‘Retry’ option so you could start over.
  • success
    Hello world: we’re making NordVPN even more friendly for non-English speaking users by improving app localizations.
  • success
    Fixed: users with an old version of the app (and by saying ‘old’ we mean REALLY old) who updated their app were greeted with a crash. Our app simply couldn’t handle the change but now it’s fixed.

NordVPN 3.3.7

  • success
    A smart user’s guide to online security: enable VPN auto-connect and forget about. Yes, you read it right – the AUTO-CONNECT feature is here! Make it work for you:
    • keep VPN on at all times;
    • connect to VPN only on Wi-Fi;
    • or, enable VPN only on networks you don’t trust.

    So yeah, simply flip a switch, and NordVPN will take it from there. Easy!

  • success
    Where did the Kill Switch toggle go? No need to worry: from now on, Kill Switch always runs in the background silently. If your VPN connection drops for a second or two, Kill Switch will disable the internet until the connection to a VPN server is restored. This way, hackers won’t get a chance to sniff on your data, not even for a brief moment.
  • success
    Shortcuts to your recent connections are now accessible from the NordVPN widget. Now that’s a tap-saver!

NordVPN 3.3.4

Nothing too fancy this time. A few bug fixes and performance improvements.

NordVPN 3.3.3


  • success
    The app is now better at adjusting to different screen resolutions.
  • success
    Added the ‘Offline’ message to indicate when there’s no internet connection.
  • success
    Tweaks in map animations.

App releases are like birthday gifts. Before you say ‘No way…’, let us explain.

There are the ‘Wow’ ones: they come in tiny, elegant boxes, bringing you keys to your new shiny convertible. Bye, ordinary life. Hello, extravaganza!

And there’s those ‘Aww’ gifts: a pair of comfy slippers carefully chosen by your loving grandparents just in time when you need new ones the most.

What are we getting at? This app release is more of the ‘Aww’ one. Nothing groundbreaking, just making your app experience better every day.

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