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NordVPN for iOS: release notes

We call release notes an ode to new features, improvements, squashed bugs, and extra glam added to our app. Stay in the loop on the latest updates in the NordVPN app for iOS. We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Elle Friberg

Elle Friberg

Apr 01, 2021 · 5 min read

NordVPN for iOS: release notes

NordVPN 6.10.0

Is binge bug fixing even a thing? We suspect this is what's happening. If it’s an addiction, it’s a positive one – the NordVPN app runs smoother and your online experience gets better with every single bug that gets out of the way.

NordVPN 6.9.0

Is it too early for spring cleaning? We don’t think so. Inspired by this ‘new season’ mood, we got rid of a few bugs – no sweeping under the rug, actually kicking them out – and made a few tweaks. All to make the NordVPN app run smoother and be a joy to use.

NordVPN 6.8.0

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    Windows down, warm breeze, soft tunes poppin’… The new settler is rolling into the prime neighborhood called your home screen. Who’s this? Well, it’s the NordVPN widget matchy-matchy with iOS 14. The widget lets you Quick Connect without opening the app, see protection status at glance, and know the country you’re connected to when VPN is on.
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    When taking you to Nord Account to log in, we’ll follow along with the color theme and language of the app. Again, matchy-matchy.

NordVPN 6.7.0

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    Our Spanish translations were having a little siesta. So we did some fiesta to improve the experience for those of you who use NordVPN in Spanish.
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    A few tweaks under and above the hood to smoothen things out.

NordVPN 6.6.0

We saw an opportunity for the NordVPN app to run smoother and we took it. A few bugs got squished on the track, but they weren't supposed to be there in the first place.

NordVPN 6.5.0

New year, better us – improving your NordVPN experience one release at a time. We’ve left a few bugs behind, so update the app and let’s make it another great year of online privacy and security!

NordVPN 6.4.0

What’s that sound? The neighborhood’s wannabe singer letting everyone know what they want for Christmas? Year 2020 burning rubber when leaving us for good? Gingerbread cookies crunching? Not quite. It’s our team joyfully wrapping up a new feature for you – custom DNS! Now you can set a DNS server address of your choice if you want to.

NordVPN 6.3.0

While you’re working on your ‘naughty-or-nice’ score, we continue improving your NordVPN experience. This release contains minor tweaks and bug fixes, all finely wrapped.

NordVPN 6.2.0

A few visual tweaks, fixes, and improvements under the hood – all to make your NordVPN experience top-notch this upcoming holiday season.

NordVPN 6.1.0

Performance improvements: on board.

Destination: your NordVPN app.

Mission: star-level online protection.

Are you in? Update the app now to enjoy the best experience.

NordVPN 6.0.0

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    Meet Dark Web Monitor – a Sherlocky feature that silently scouts the shady, mysterious underbelly of the internet for data leaks. If it detects exposed credentials associated with your email address – ding! You get an alert. This way, you can immediately change your passwords on breached services to defend your data against cybercriminals. And flipping a switch is all it takes to power Dark Web Monitor. Elementary.
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    Not long ago, we introduced Nord Account, which unified the login and sign-up across all Nord products. This release includes an updated login flow, but you don’t need to do anything about it – your current account details are automatically transferred to Nord Account. Just lay back, relax, and continue enjoying online security. If you decide to expand your protection beyond VPN, your Nord Account will work like magic when getting on board with other Nord security products.
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    Now here’s a hint: it’s where you go to switch to the fast lane with NordLynx or set online protection on autopilot with auto-connect. Can you guess what we’ve just revamped? Behold: the new Settings with a fresh, modern look, more clarity and convenience.
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    Using iMessages? You’ll find a NordVPN sticker pack there, featuring a charming robot living its best life and ready to make your private or group conversations more fun.

NordVPN 5.11.2

Seasonal cleaning: fall edition. A selection of minor bugs was left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.

NordVPN 5.11.1

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    Morning or night, on OpenVPN (new!) or NordLynx – you can snooze VPN anytime. Shortly pause VPN protection instead of disconnecting and return to online safety automatically when the snoozing time runs out.
  • success
    A few bugs have attempted to share a ride into the fall season with us but we politely refused. Smoother app experience, here we come.

NordVPN 5.10.4

2 words. 8 letters. Say it and enjoy a smoother app experience.*

*Works only if you install the update first to put those BUG FIXES in place.

NordVPN 5.9.0

This release includes a hand-picked selection of bug fixes to make your app experience smoother, the internet safer, and you happier with NordVPN.

NordVPN 5.8.7

For a top-notch VPN experience, routine maintenance is just as important as a new shiny feature. So nothing grand this time — just the usual bug-fixing business. We’re sending some good vibes and under-the-hood improvements your way!

NordVPN 5.8.3

  • success
    Introducing dark mode: the long-awaited and much requested feature is now live! The NordVPN app will follow the theme of your iPhone or iPad.
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    Pause VPN protection for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour and get connected again automatically. It’s like hitting “snooze” – only instead of a few more moments of precious sleep, you temporarily disable your VPN connection. Only on NordLynx for now.

NordVPN 5.7.9

  • success
    Now you can add countries and cities to Favorites: it’s a one-tap shortcut to the fastest server in your go-to location.
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    Ch-ch-changes: with a heavy heart, we removed the list of specific servers. All sentiments away, this change lets us improve experience to all NordVPN users, as we can better balance server load. So lay back, relax, and let our algorithm pick the fastest server for you. If you really really really need a specific server – that one and only – you can still find it via search.
  • success
    Improved search results: random countries appearing in search results aren’t very entertaining, so from now on, relevant results only.

NordVPN 5.7.7

Let’s just call this an annual summer kick-off bug cleanup festival.

NordVPN 5.7.6

Dear bugs, it’s not the same without you. It’s way better now. (Not trying to be mean or anything here. Just making the app experience better.)

NordVPN 5.7.3

We took up a challenge of telling you what’s new in 30 seconds. Go!

  • success
    When you’ve been connected to VPN for a longer time, tap the ‘refresh’ button – the Quick Connect algorithm will check if there’s a better server option for you and reconnect to the fastest server in the same location.
  • success
    Share the NordVPN app with friends right from the Settings menu. It may sound cliche, but in this case, sharing is actually caring about your friends’ digital safety.
  • success
    A few fixes.

Oh, and yes – have you tried the NordLynx protocol yet?

30 seconds. Nailed it.

NordVPN 5.7.1

  • success
    Need for speed? Try NordLynx – our technology built around the WireGuard® protocol to bring you lightning-fast VPN connections. Secure and optimized for privacy, NordLynx is right there at your fingertips in the VPN protocols menu.
  • success
    Fixed: for some users, the NordVPN iOS app has been acting out like a stubborn teenager by crashing or logging them out. It shouldn’t happen anymore.

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