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Secure your entire network with NordVPN Router

Mar 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Secure your entire network with NordVPN Router

NordVPN proudly partners up with FlashRouters to give you more privacy & security options

As we expand our global server network and our native app roster, we continuously want to provide you with more options to secure your online data. Securing your data at a router level has several advantages, main one being – securing your entire network while routing it through a VPN tunnel.

What are Flashrouters?

Flashrouters support NordVPN client out of the box. This is important distinction between routers that allow remote access VPN server configuration vs. a configured VPN client – the latter provides a faster and more stable VPN encryption to your entire network.

Flashrouters have custom-built DD-WRT firmware which allows custom VPN integration on the router. DD-WRT is an advanced open source firmware solution that removes the restrictions placed on routers by their default programming. Integration of NordVPN on customized DD-WRT Flashrouters provides an out of the box solution to secure your entire network.

All the devices connected on your network become encrypted and get a private IP address by choosing a NordVPN server. So your entire network can securely hop from country to country without internet geo-restrictions.

The  NordVPN routers are flashed, tested and upgraded by Flashrouters. They all come with customized NordVPN installation guide, the necessary hardware and access to NordVPN service*.

Connect Several Devices

With Flashrouters it is easy to connect several devices like AppleTV, Xbox360, Roku, Nintendo Wii, PS3, Sony SmartTV, Roku XDS, and many others.

DD-WRT can route the signals from all connected devices through a NordVPN service. This is particularly useful when you want to connect devices such as games consoles, Kindle Fire tablets, mobile phones, AppleTV and Roku, which don’t have built-in VPN clients.

This is where NordVPN feature that allows the connection of up-to 6 devices on one account comes in handy.




*NordVPN subscription must be purchased separately


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