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How to get a French IP address from anywhere

A French IP address is a great solution if you’re a resident of France and want to access French content from abroad. Choosing a French IP is also great for changing your virtual location and hiding your original IP. Let’s look at how you can get a French IP.

How to get a French IP address from anywhere

What is a French IP address?

A French IP address is an internet protocol (IP) address assigned to a server in France. Having a French IP address means that your device has the IP address of the server located in France. In other words, your device is connected to the internet through a network in France.

Why would you want a French IP address?

A French IP address allows you to browse the internet as if you were in France. You can easily and securely access your French-specific home content while traveling and enjoy other benefits, so let’s take a closer look at them:

  1. Access your local content while abroad. If you’re a French resident who wants to watch French TV and use local streaming services while traveling abroad, getting a French IP will give you access to both. With a French IP you can also access French websites and use other online services from abroad.
  2. Online banking and shopping. If you have a French bank account, you might have to use a French IP address to access it because some French banks have strict security measures. Some French online retailers also require you to have an IP in France to access their services. Getting a French IP address will ensure a seamless and secure online experience while you do your online shopping and complete your banking tasks.
  3. Compare prices. Most websites offer different prices to their customers based on their geographical location. If you use a French IP, websites will assume you are based in France and will give you the prices offered to French residents. You can get a French IP and look for cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals and compare the prices to the ones in your location to find the best deals.
  4. Privacy and security. An IP coming from France hides your real IP address and helps to protect your online activities from snoopers. You will boost your online privacy by hiding your real IP because no one will see your virtual location.

How to get a French IP address

Getting a French IP is easy, just use a VPN, a proxy server, or the Tor browser. All three options will give you an IP address of a French server. However, they all work in different ways, so let’s look at what these services offer.

Use a VPN

A VPN is probably the most convenient, secure, and reliable way to connect to a server in France. When you use a VPN service, your traffic first passes through a VPN server, which then forwards it to the destination server. A VPN encrypts both your internet traffic and your domain name system (DNS) queries before sending them to their destination. Most reputable VPNs route your DNS queries through the same VPN server as your IP address and offer DNS leak protection.

If you want to securely browse the French content you’re subscribed to while traveling abroad and with great speed, a VPN is probably the best solution. Most reliable VPNs provide unlimited bandwidth because they hide your IP and online activity from your ISP who then cannot throttle your internet connection based on your traffic type.

Many VPN services allow simultaneous connections from multiple devices. For example, you can connect six devices to a French server at the same time with the NordVPN app. There are just three easy steps to follow to connect to a French VPN server:

  1. Download the app and create an account.
  2. Once logged in, you’ll see a list of countries and servers.
  3. Click on France, and the app will connect you to the most suitable server. Or you can choose a specific city from the dropdown or the map.
getting french ip with nordvpn

If you’re wondering whether to download a VPN app from a paid provider or opt for a free VPN service, you should know the risks that come with the latter. Free VPNs might throttle your bandwidth because they have a limited network of servers — maintaining a large network is costly. Free VPN providers are also infamous for sharing their users’ information with marketing companies and flooding you with ads.

Here are the main pros and cons of using a VPN to get a French IP address:

Fast connectionReliable VPNs are paid
High number of servers abroadFree VPNs can log and sell your data
Can be used on many devicesBanned in some countries
Robust encryption for high-level security online

Use a proxy server

You can also get a French IP address through a French proxy server. A proxy is a server that acts like an intermediary between the user’s device and the destination server. You can follow these steps to get a French IP using a proxy server:

  1. Get the proxy server’s IP address from an online vendor or proxy provider.
  2. Go to your device or browser’s proxy settings and type in this information.

Proxy servers are similar to VPNs because user requests first pass through the proxy server, which then forwards them to the web server. The main difference between a proxy server and a VPN is that proxies don’t encrypt your online traffic like a VPN, and the lack of encryption makes your data susceptible to monitoring by your ISP and other third parties. Proxies also do not provide protection against DNS leaks.

A safer and more reliable way to get a proxy is to use a VPN proxy extension for browsers offered by providers like NordVPN. These extensions change your IP, and ensure a secure connection even when browsing HTTP websites by providing a TLS encryption.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a HTTP proxy server to get a French IP address:

Hides your real IP addressOffers no encryption for web traffic
Easily configure on many devicesProxy servers usually slow your internet speed
Have free options

Use a Tor browser

You can browse the internet with increased privacy when you’re connected to the Tor network. Tor uses Onion routing, which means that it randomly routes your internet traffic through a series of relays, making it nearly impossible to trace where the traffic comes from. The relays are run by volunteers, so the Tor network is free for everyone.

The Tor browser usually picks a random country when it changes your IP address, but you can configure it to use a particular IP, like a French one. Here are the steps to getting a French IP using the Tor network:

  1. Find your Tor browser installation folder and go to “Browser” > “Tor browser” > “Data” > “Tor.”
  2. Use the text editor to open the file named “torrc.”
  3. Add the following text to make the Tor browser use a French IP address: “ExitNodes {fr} StrictNodes 1.”*
  4. Save your modifications and restart the Tor browser.

*Note: You can also command Tor to use IP addresses from a list of countries. Always use for the country you want. Here is an example for the French, UK, US, and China: “ExitNodes {fr}, {uk}, {us}, {cn} StrictNodes 1.”

Following the above instructions might be tricky. A much easier option to connect to Tor hassle-free is to use the Onion Over VPN feature provided by NordVPN. It combines the privacy of the Tor browser with the security of a VPN.

You should keep in mind some drawbacks of Tor before using it. The multi-layered encryption can slow down your connection speeds. Tor is also banned in some countries, so check whether it is allowed in your location.

Here are the pros and cons of using the Tor network to get a French IP address:

Traffic encrypted through multiple layersCan be blocked by specific services
Is free for users worldwideSignificantly reduced network speed

Get a dedicated French IP address

Getting a dedicated French IP address means receiving a unique IP from France assigned to your device and not shared with anyone else. With a dedicated IP address you can easily bypass the blocks set by websites that do not allow traffic from IPs used by multiple users.

A dedicated IP is also a great solution for skipping identity verification each time you connect. For example, if you use NordVPN’s dedicated IP in Paris, your ISP will not become suspicious when you make online purchases or connect to services in other countries. A static IP also helps when setting up an access to IP-restricted resources, such as your work network.

The best VPN for getting a French IP address

If you’re looking for a reliable and robust VPN service to get a French IP address from, NordVPN has a lot to offer. With NordVPN, you can choose how to access the web — via a foreign VPN server, a dedicated IP, Tor over VPN, or a proxy. With over 230 French servers to choose from, it provides one of the fastest connection speeds on the market and a bunch of security features for extensive online protection.

NordVPN encrypts your internet traffic using the 256-bit AES protocol which provides one of the strongest possible encryptions, shielding your online activity from ISPs and cybercriminals. Its app-specific Kill Switch blocks your internet access if your connection suddenly drops, while its Threat Protection Pro feature protects you from ads and trackers, and informs you of malware risks to provide a safe and pleasant online experience.

You can install NordVPN on your router and get unlimited simultaneous connections for all your devices connected to your network. Feel safe to browse and run all your online errands privately while connected to a server in France — our no logs policy ensures that even we have no clue of what you do online. To be sure you’re getting the best service, check out the NordVPN review for more detailed information.


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