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A secure alternative to free proxy server lists and web browsers

Unlike free web proxies, a VPN secures your entire data traffic and protects your data with strong encryption.

Enjoy more online freedom and digital security

A web proxy hides your IP address, allowing you to experience more online freedom. However, it doesn’t provide digital protection as a VPN does. Connecting to a VPN server secures all your online traffic with encryption — shielding your online activity from snoopers, hackers, ISPs, and governments.

All you need to know about web proxies

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Your IP address limits your online experience

By default, what you can do and access online is limited by your IP address, which is tied to your virtual location. By hiding your real IP address and replacing it with that of a web proxy or a VPN server, you gain more internet freedom.

Proxy sites provide safe access to the web

What is a proxy site?

Proxy sites (or proxy servers) act as gateways between you and the internet. When you try to access something on the web, your request goes through the proxy site first, changing your IP address and virtual location. With your real IP address hidden, the websites you visit can’t tell your real location — so you can experience a more private and less restrictive internet.

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Are proxy sites safe?

While proxy sites offer privacy advantages, free proxy servers come with serious risks. They may be riddled with spyware and malicious ads or collect and sell your data to third parties. The truth is, even the best online proxies are not a security tool. While they mask your IP address for more privacy — they don’t protect your data with encryption, leaving it vulnerable to cyber threats.

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VPN: a safer alternative to proxy sites

For all-round daily digital protection, use a VPN. NordVPN does everything proxy services do — and much more. By protecting your data traffic with bulletproof AES-256 encryption and hiding your IP address, NordVPN offers internet freedom and advanced digital security. And, with thousands of servers worldwide and the NordLynx protocol, NordVPN also delivers blazing speeds without limiting your bandwidth.

VPN vs. Free proxy

VPNFree proxy
Protects all data
you send and
Encrypts data for
Hides IP address
Offers fast
browsing speeds
Protects all
websites and apps
on the device
Doesn’t sell your
data to third
Offers advanced
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Frequently asked questions

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Get more than a VPN with features like Threat Protection and Meshnet.

Double VPN connection

Encrypt your traffic twice to add an extra layer of online privacy.

Enjoy a hassle-free online experience with NordVPN

Hide your location, get a new IP, access the internet without restrictions, and enjoy your favorite content with a risk-free VPN. If you are not 100% satisfied, tell us within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

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