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Also known as: SpicyOmelette, SKID

Category: Malware

Type: JavaScript backdoor trojan

Platform: Windows


Damage potential: Data exfiltration, payloads, backdoor capabilities, credential theft, file encryption, ransom demands


More_eggs, or SpicyOmelette, is malicious software that functions as a backdoor trojan. This type of malware is highly adaptable — attackers can use it to remotely control infected devices, steal data, or even download additional malware. Due to its versatility, More_eggs is often used in spear phishing attacks where cybercriminals can customize the phishing emails and payloads based on their targets.

Possible symptoms

More_eggs malware operates stealthily, so you may not notice immediate signs of an infection. Still, you may suspect one if you experience system issues such as frequent crashes and slowdowns or notice an unusual increase in network activity.

Sources of infection

Phishing emails are the most common delivery method for this backdoor trojan. Those emails usually contain files that install malware onto a victim’s device when opened. In other cases, drive-by (unintentional) downloads from compromised websites can cause a More_eggs infection. Such drive-by downloads might happen after you click on a link or a pop-up on a malicious website.


Always browse with caution to protect your devices from More_eggs and its potential payloads.

  • Be careful with email attachments, especially from unknown senders. Do not open suspicious links, media, or documents.

  • Avoid downloading files or software from unofficial sources.

  • Use NordVPN to secure your online traffic.

  • Scan downloaded files for viruses and block malware-hosting websites with NordVPN’s Threat Protection.

  • Make sure your operating system and software are updated.

  • Install reputable antivirus software.

  • Regularly back up important data.


You can use reliable antivirus software to detect and get rid of malicious files related to More_eggs.

  • Run a full system scan.

  • Follow the instructions of your antivirus software to isolate and remove the malware.

However, keep in mind that antivirus software is usually more effective in preventing such threats than removing them. If the infection continues, contact an IT specialist and get professional help.

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