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Is Amazon safe?

Most of us use Amazon without even thinking about its safety. But is it trustworthy? And what is the possibility of getting scammed?

Is Amazon safe?

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Amazon security measures

Amazon puts great effort into ensuring a secure and smooth shopping experience for its customers. Therefore, it implements many security measures.

Here are the main security tools Amazon uses to safeguard its users:

  • Two-factor authentication. Amazon uses two-factor authentication, so every time you log in, it sends a security code to your mobile device you should enter to access your account. This method reduces the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • Strong passwords. Amazon also prompts users to use strong passwords for their accounts. We strongly recommend using NordPass, our password manager, to generate and store your secure passwords.
  • Protection of location data. Amazon does not reveal customers’ location information to anybody outside its marketplace. When you buy from third-party sellers, it gives them only the data essential to the fulfillment of the order.
  • Protection of your card data. Amazon protects your credit card information and won’t disclose it to anyone.
  • Ratings and feedback. Amazon uses a well-developed rating and feedback system, where you can always check ratings and comments about sellers. You can also report unreliable sellers, and Amazon may take action against them.
  • Customer support. Amazon has a large customer support team to deal with your issues.
  • Order tracking. You can always track your order and sort out issues with customer support if you don’t receive it.

Amazon threats and toxic practices

As you can see, overall, Amazon is quite a safe shopping platform. However, it still has significant issues. Here are some factors you must consider when you use Amazon.

Data hoarding

Amazon is a giant corporation that accumulates and stores tons of personal data about its customers. So all of the data you give to Amazon and your activity history are kept on Amazon servers. You can request that data from Amazon and see it for yourself.

While Amazon won’t likely share your data with outside parties, it can use it for marketing purposes, ad targeting, customer profiling, or other means we are not aware of. Amazon is also known for severely abusing peoples’ data. Moreover, it’s not pleasant to know that a giant corporation knows so much about you and profits from it.

What is worse, data leaks and breaches can also occur and can expose your data. Eventually, it can end up in the wrong hands.


Amazon is an overall safe platform, but scammers still try to exploit it for their gains. Various Amazon scams exist ranging from phishing emails with malicious links to fake gift cards or simply not delivering goods you purchased. Check out our article on the most common Amazon scams to find out more about them and how to prevent them.

Amazon’s unethical practices

Amazon is not the most ethical company and is notorious for its mistreatment of workers and acute tracking and surveillance of its employees. It used scanners, bio-surveillance devices, and AI cameras to monitor its warehouse workers and drivers, thus breaching their privacy.

Amazon is also known for neglecting its workers’ needs, creating poor working conditions, and exploiting employees with inadequate workloads.

Security tips

If you still don’t want to delete Amazon, here are some security tips to make your shopping experience safer:

  • Use strong and complex passwords.
  • Analyze the seller before buying. Look up their ratings and customer feedback to make sure they are legit. If you see no ratings or very scanty info about a seller, it’s better to be cautious.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication.
  • Familiarize yourself with scammers and scams and the ways to avoid them.
  • Don’t make payments outside of the Amazon system, as Amazon won’t be able to help you if you get scammed.
  • If you have some suspicions of potential violations of your account, change your password immediately.
  • Immediately report scammers and unreliable sellers.
  • Check out our further tips for safe online shopping.

Stay safe!