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Secure your passwords with the NordPass password manager

All the security in the world won’t mean a thing if you lose the key. We can secure your connections with NordVPN and we can secure your files with NordLocker, but you still need a password for both. A password that you can lose and that hackers can steal.

Daniel Markuson

Daniel Markuson

Secure your passwords with the NordPass password manager

That’s why we created NordPass.

NordPass is a password manager with a full range of features to ensure that your passwords are as secure as possible. Its easy-to-use interface makes staying secure effortless.

Why do you need a password manager?

Results from NordVPN's password manager survey
Results from NordVPN's password manager survey.

Your passwords are the literal key to securing anything you do online. They keep your email, your online banking account, your social media accounts, and everything else safe.

But how will you keep your passwords safe? Haven’t we all made at least one of these mistakes before?

  • Using the same password for multiple sites (it’s easier to remember!)
  • Using a simple or common password (password123 meets the minimum password requirements – why try harder?)
  • Saving your password in an unsecure way (I don’t want to forget this secure password I made so I should write it down somewhere…)

Each of these practices leaves you vulnerable.

  • When you use the same password for multiple sites, you become vulnerable on all of them. Websites and password servers around the world are breached almost every day. The passwords collected this way are sold online. Hackers scan other websites and accounts for the same login info, quickly finding your other accounts they can break into.
  • Simple passwords are vulnerable passwords because they are easy for hackers to guess. Hackers trade massive libraries of the most common passwords online. All they need is a list of account names to automate a script that tries to log in with the most common passwords. Breaking into accounts with simple passwords couldn’t be easier.
  • When you store your password insecurely, they can easily be discovered by anyone. Keep your password on a sticky note? Any passersby can see it (passwords like these are a jackpot in corporate espionage) or you can lose it. Rely on your browser? They’ve been breached before. Would you hang your house key on your doorknob?

Using a VPN and a password manager like NordPass makes for a powerful combination. The two tools’ features have virtually no overlap, meaning that they complement one another perfectly. NordVPN grants you privacy online and securely encrypted connections, while NordPass will save passwords and help keep you secure from account breaches or breaches suffered by apps and websites you use.

Online security starts with a click.

Stay safe with the world’s leading VPN

What is NordPass?

NordPass is a secure password manager that stores your strong passwords in a secure vault so you never forget them. All you need to remember is one strong master password. The encrypted XChaCha20 vault makes sure the rest of your passwords are for your eyes only. We couldn’t see your passwords even if we wanted to. With support across numerous devices, you take your passwords with you wherever you go.

In addition to all of this, NordPass also has a Secure Notes feature.

PRO TIP: You can use Secure Notes to store other types of sensitive data, like ID numbers, credit card details, or more complex access instructions.

Is NordPass safe?

Here’s how NordPass keeps you secure:

  • It remembers your passwords for you. Store all of your passwords with NordPass and it will autofill them into any online form. Now you can have a different secure password for each account while only remembering one – your NordPass master password.
  • It keeps your passwords secure. NordPass uses powerful XChaCha20 encryption, making it virtually unbreakable.
  • It uses zero-knowledge encryption. This technology prevents NordPass from being able to see your password – even if we wanted to. Zero-knowledge encryption means you own the key to your passwords. When they’re backed up to our servers, we can’t open them.
  • How NordPass works
  • It provides you with secure passwords using a password generator. We have great tips for creating secure and memorable passwords, but with NordPass, you don’t need to remember them anymore. It generates highly secure passwords and stores them so you don’t have to.
  • Its multi-factor authentication and biometric authentication ensure that your password vault stays extra secure.

NordPass Free vs. NordPass Premium

Every user deserves security, so a free NordPass account provides all of the security essentials that we all depend on. However, with such a low monthly price and such excellent bonus features, NordPass Premium is an excellent deal. These features include:

  • Data breach scanner: We search online criminal marketplaces for data breach files that contain your personal details. If we find them, we’ll alert you so you can take precautionary measures and secure yourself.
  • Emergency access: Carefully secured emergency access for designated users if you need someone else to be able to access your info.
  • Password health monitor: Our premium password health tool helps identify potential weak spots in your online password security.
  • Stay logged in across devices: NordPass supports multiple devices and syncs passwords across all of them, but with the premium plan, you’ll stay logged in across those devices as well.

For more premium features, check out the NordPass pricing plan below.

Using a VPN and password manager together just makes sense. Expand your effortless online security now.

Also available in: Deutsch, Français and other languages.

Daniel Markuson
Daniel Markuson Daniel Markuson
Daniel is a digital privacy enthusiast and an internet security expert. As the blog editor at NordVPN, Daniel is generous with spreading news, stories, and tips through the power of a well-written word.