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A free password
manager you can trust

Store your passwords in a safe place with NordPass — the password manager by NordVPN’s engineers.

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What is a password
manager, and how does it work?

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A password manager is a cybersecurity tool that safely stores, autofills, and even generates strong passwords for you. Password managers reduce the number of unique, complex passwords you need to remember in your digital life to just one — your manager’s master password.

The way password managers work is simple. All your passwords are stored in the app’s secure digital vault, which is shielded from prying eyes by encryption. To access this vault, you need your manager’s master password — something only you should know. Once you log in, the app will automatically start filling in your credentials using information from your vault.

What types of password
managers are there?

The majority of password managers fall into one of three types: desktop based, cloud based, or single sign-on password managers.

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Forget about password
resets with the best password
manager out there

What are the benefits of using a password

An easy, secure, and free way to keep your digital data organized.

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Why is NordPass the best password

Your information, safe anywhere

Store unlimited logins, credit card information, and notes all in one place and have instant access across all your devices.

Safe sharing with others

No more Post-it notes. Share sensitive information with those you trust securely through encrypted channels.

Unique passwords for all accounts

Never use the same password twice. NordPass will remember even the most complicated credentials for you. In fact, it’ll help you create them.

Data Breach Scanner

Stay in charge of your digital safety. Our safest password manager scans data breaches for leaks and helps you improve the security of your accounts.

Is NordPass safe to use?

One of the most secure password managers out there.

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Two-factor authentication

NordPass takes your vault’s security to the next level with 2FA.

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Biometric security

Access your data securely in an instant on the best password manager app out there.

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Robust encryption

NordPass ensures your credentials are secure with cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption.

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Built by NordVPN

The password manager built by NordVPN engineers, designed to work with the world’s most trusted VPN service.

How password
managers contribute
to cybersecurity

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Protect your digital life with more cybersecurity

Enjoy the all-round security provided by our apps. Protect your internet traffic, passwords, and files.

Browse, stream, and play safely at top speed

Security or speed? Get both with the world’s fastest VPN. Stay safe and surf smoothly thanks to 6300+ ultra-fast VPN servers and the revolutionary NordLynx protocol (based on WireGuard®).

Beat everyday hazards with Threat Protection

Protect your every click. NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature scans the files you download for malware, blocks links to malicious sites, stops ads, and deals with common web trackers.

Easy-to-use encrypted cloud storage

NordLocker will keep your files backed up, synced, and protected from snoopers, loss, or malware in its secure cloud. Nobody will see, touch, or sell them.

No app needed with Web Access

Don’t want to download more apps? NordLocker’s Web Access will let you securely access your end-to-end encrypted cloud lockers via a web browser.

A password
manager built for you — or your organization

Remove password stress from your everyday online life with NordPass. Or drive growth and productivity at your organization with a password manager optimized for businesses.

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