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Robust digital security with a free password manager

Keep your accounts safe and organized with NordPass.

Protect Your Logins
Man saving password with NordPass
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What is a password manager?

Woman securing account with password manager

A NordPass password manager is the best way to keep all of your digital accounts safe. A password manager app stores all your credentials in a secure digital vault.

How does a password manager work?

Strong passwords secured by encryption

NordPass lets you sync your logins across multiple devices and access them instantly anytime, anywhere. It protects your valuables with the cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, so no one can sneak a peek at your data without your permission.

Forget about password resets with the best password manager out there

Should I use a password manager?

An easy, secure, and free way to keep your digital data organized.

Woman trying to remember her password

Forget about password resets

Never worry about losing access to your accounts again. Our secure password manager will remember your logins for you.

Woman with NordPass security shield

Bring your security to the next level

Not sure if your password is complicated enough? Use the NordPass password generator to create truly robust credentials.

A finger tapping on a smartphone

Log into your accounts with a click

No more looking for those special characters on your keyboard. NordPass passwords’ manager fills in your details automatically. All you have to do is hit enter.

Passwords syncing with a lock

Instant access

Sync logins across all your devices and access them instantly. With our top password manager, you don’t need the internet — simply open the app, and your credentials will be there.

Why use a password manager?

Encrypted passwords in a secure password manager vault


Store unlimited logins, credit card information, and notes all in one place and have instant access across all your devices.

Woman with all her passwords in one place


No more post-it notes. Share sensitive information with the ones you trust securely through encrypted channels.

Password manager remembering passwords for you


Never use the same password twice. NordPass will remember even the most complicated credentials for you. In fact, it’ll help you create them.

Data breach scanner securing accounts


Stay in charge of your digital safety. Our safest password manager scans data breaches for leaks and helps you improve the security of your accounts.

Are password managers safe?

Using our NordPass password manager is completely safe. Cybersecurity experts agree that using a password manager is the best way to protect your accounts.

Why is NordPass the best password manager?

One of the most secure password managers out there.

Phone and laptop two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

NordPass takes your vault's security to the next level with 2FA.

Fingerprint, face scanner, and iris recognition biometric security

Biometric security

Access your data securely in an instant on the best password manager app out there.

Computer with secure accounts

Robust encryption

NordPass ensures your credentials are secure with cutting-edge XChaCha20 encryption.

Man grabbing NordPass extra features

Extra security features

Password health checker, password generator, and data breach scanner — everything you need to keep your information safe.

Woman sitting on a padlock with a laptop

Secure sharing

Forget about sharing your credentials via post-it notes or unsecure messaging apps — with NordPass, they stay encrypted the whole time.

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Built by NordVPN

Brought to you by NordVPN, the world's most trusted VPN service.

How password managers contribute to cybersecurity

Password manager machine

Stronger passwords

There’s a reason why ‘password123’ is the most popular password out there — it’s easy to remember. Unfortunately, it’s easy to crack too. With NordPass, you can generate complex, long combinations and enter them with just a click.

Prying eyes looking at a man with smartphone

Unique credentials

It’s tempting to use one password for several accounts — it’s easy. But if a criminal gets their hands on one of your accounts, the rest of your credentials are compromised too. With NordPass keeping track of different logins is effortless — they are securely stored in your vault.

Magnifying glass looking for compromised accounts

Data leaks monitoring

Even if your logins are extremely well protected, your data might be at risk if the website you’re using is not secure. NordPass Data Breach Scanner checks if your credentials have been compromised. You can change them instantly.

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