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The best tech podcasts

Tech podcasts are a great way to keep up with new trends in technology, learn hacks to choose the best tech gadgets, and gain insight into the digital world. Read on to find our top picks for tech podcasts, with topics ranging from innovations to stories from the dark web, to find your favorite.

The best tech podcasts

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Back to Work

Back to Work is an award-winning technology podcast in which hosts Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk about the connection between technology, people, and work and how to make it more fruitful. During the show, the hosts explore various topics, including productivity practices, tech tools, communication, barriers and constraints of tech.

Over the Air

Tune into the Over the Air podcast if you’re interested in hearing unfiltered conversations with the executives of tech companies about their journey entering the business of the Internet of Things (IoT). Host Ryan Prosser, the CEO of Very, asks tech industry executives about the mistakes they’ve made, the lessons they’ve learned, and what they wish they’d known before entering the digital world.

Accidental Tech

The Accidental Tech podcast was named for plans gone wrong. Hosts Marco Arment, John Siracusa, and Casey Liss were planning to do a podcast on cars but ended up talking about trends and developments in tech, programming, phishing scams, and other loosely related matters. It’s considered one of the best tech podcasts about Apple products because all three hosts have ample knowledge of Apple innovations and often discuss them.

Thoughtworks Technology

If you’re interested in the latest tech news, the Thoughtworks Technology podcast should be one of your top picks. During the show, a panel of senior technologists explores what’s next in tech and how it will impact the work market and everyday life. The Thoughtworks podcast covers subjects ranging from high-level technical topics to innovation in business and tech, such as data visualization, design, and sustainable software engineering.

Darknet Diaries

Host Jack Rhysider invites Darknet Diaries listeners to dive deep into the dark side of the internet. He relates true stories about hackers, data breaches, shadow government activities, cybercrime, and digital robberies. Whether you’re a tech guru or a newbie in the tech world, Rhysider discusses the aspects of the dark side of the internet in an easy-to-follow way, making them comprehensible to all.


The TechStuff podcast goes deep into the human side of technology, exploring the people and companies behind the tech and discussing how technology affects our lives and culture. Host Jonathan Strickland facilitates in-depth conversations with expert guests, exploring personal perspectives and helping listeners to gain insight into the tech industry.

  • Who it’s for: People willing to gain substantial insight into the tech world.
  • Where you can listen to it: Apple podcasts and Spotify.

In Machines We Trust

In Machines We Trust is the MIT technology review podcast that takes a deep dive into the automation of everything. Host Jennifer Strong invites us to look through the lens of AI, examining the far-reaching impact of it on our daily lives. The podcast features guest speakers, founders, and inventors whose ideas and ambitions fuel the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Listen to them talk about the ethics of AI and the new world that awaits.


Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent, the Clockwise podcast is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology featuring two industry guests each week. Every episode of the podcast sticks to a 30 min time limit, during which topics ranging from core tech advancements and software updates to the future of non-fungible tokens (NFT) are examined.

Tech Talks Daily

The Tech Talks Daily podcast, formerly known as the Tech Blog Writer podcast, helps listeners gain insight into how tech is transforming industries and get actionable tips on how to benefit from emerging technologies in their daily lives. Host Neil C. Hughes interviews tech professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, and celebrities about how they navigate the tech trends and how the digital world treats them.


Waveform is an excellent tech podcast for gadget lovers and tech heads, diving into the latest gadgets and their value for money. It’s hosted by Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD on YouTube, and cohosted by Andrew Manganelli. Pulling from their more than 10 years of tech experience, the hosts talk about everything tech, from earbuds and smartphones to electric cars, all the while keeping you entertained.

B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Tune into the B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro podcast to stay ahead of the technological curve. Host Shelby Skrhak talks with tech business experts about the latest technology before it hits the mainstream. Sponsored by Ingram Micro, a company that distributes information technology products, the podcast covers a variety of topics, including IoT, cloud evolution, the future of AI, and connectivity vs. security.

  • Who it’s for: People who want to stay ahead of new technology.
  • Where you can listen to it: Apple podcasts and Spotify.


The a16z podcast, produced by Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, aims to balance a discussion of pure technology with a business point of view. During the discussions, industry experts, business leaders, and thinkers delve into tech and culture trends, news, and the future of software, trying to articulate how innovations will likely impact our daily lives.

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