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The best tech podcasts for beginners and pros

Who’s got the time to keep up with all the latest tech inventions, Silicon Valley startups and online privacy scandals? It’s much easier to spare a few minutes (or thirty) of your morning commute to listen to a podcast. We reviewed the top technology podcasts for everyone – from gadget lovers to industry experts.

The best tech podcasts for beginners and pros

The latest tech news and trends

Best tech podcasts for tech news and trends


Clockwise is a roundtable discussion of two hosts, two guests and four current technology issues. The podcast covers topics from electric scooters to voice assistants and Mark Zuckerberg’s latest privacy statements. No episode is longer than 30 minutes.

IT visionaries

IT visionaries discuss the future of IT with industry leaders – everyone from Fortune 100 CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs to startup founders. This podcast provides its listeners with exclusive interviews, insights and lessons learned from the frontlines of the IT industry.

The Future of Everything

If you like the Wall Street Journal, you will like this The Future of Everything, too. WSJ journalists review the latest trends and try to guess at how they will change the future. Have you ever wondered what the future holds for Google’s Alexa? Will robots be able to find aliens on Jupiter and Saturn?

This Week In Tech

This Week In Tech is a great podcast for a broad take on what’s happening in the tech world. Each week, the host, Leo Laporte, and his guests have a panel discussion where they talk about the latest tech developments. Beware that each podcast is around 2 hour long, so it might not be the best choice for spontaneous listeners.


A16z is hosted by a Silicon Valley firm that supports technology entrepreneurs. The company is led primarily by former founders, CEOs, or CTOs of successful technology companies, so they know what they are talking about! The hosts discuss the latest trends, emerging tech, new brands, and modern tech culture.

Cybersecurity and privacy

Best tech podcasts for cybersecurity


IRL is hosted by Veronica Belmont who believes that ‘Online life is real life’. She talks about real-life issues that happen everyday – breaches and leaks, cyberbullying, hacking, fake news – as well as more in-depth topics like what would’ve happened if women built the internet.


Hackable is the Tech equivalent to MythBusters. Don’t believe that it’s easy to hack into your device while you are browsing connected to a local cafe’s WiFi? They’ll prove it to you. And don’t say we didn’t warn you about this one!

Tech tips and tricks

Best tech podcasts for tips and tricks

Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World

Don’t get fooled by the long name of this podcast – at five to ten minutes, Tech Talker’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Navigate the Digital World episodes are short and sweet. They provide loads of great tips for beginners on how to protect yourself online, save mobile data, and avoid spam. All content is presented in an easily digestible way. They say their lists and simple how to’s are created:

“so that even the most tech illiterate can understand what’s going on with their computer or smartphone — and what to do when something goes wrong.”

Too Embarrassed to Ask

This is a great podcast for beginners who love technology but sometimes are too embarrassed to ask questions that might seem silly to tech pros. Too Embarrassed to Ask is a discussion panel that covers tech innovations, and also takes questions from the listeners. Even though the team stopped creating new content in 2018, their repository of content is still great for listeners today.

Mac Power Users

This podcast is for Apple lovers, and not just for Macs – it covers other Apple products too.Mac Power Users hosts are lawyers by trade but they all share a passion for tech, so expect some useful tips that will help you to make the most of your devices.

Behind the scenes at tech companies

Best tech podcasts for behind the scenes


This podcast by Bloomberg Technology takes you behind the scenes at small and large tech companies. On Decrypted, expect to hear more about what goes on behind closed doors, how tech companies deal with rivals, and what secret projects they are currently working on.

This Week in Google

If you are a diehard Google fan and want to keep up to date with their latest innovations, This Week in Google is for you. The hosts discuss new gadgets and discoveries, Google’s competitors, and cloud computing news. Episodes can run up to two hours, so be prepared!

Daring Fireball: The Talk Show

Daring Fireball: The Talk Show is hosted by John Gruber, who is famous for his longform articles about Apple’s products. He provides the latest information about Apple’s devices and their features, as well as unique stories about the company. However, the podcast is so entertaining that even Android fans will love it.

Technology with a human touch

Best tech podcasts for tech with a human touch


Analog(ue) isn’t your typical tech podcast. It puts a deeply human spin on tech topics. The two hosts talk about how technology makes us feel and whether trends are changing us for the better or worse.

Reply All

Reply All is a podcast about the internet, but it covers more than that. The hosts also discuss the digital age and how to survive in it. Reply All released their first episode in 2014 and they already have over a hundred stories, so you’ll have loads to catch up on.

Note to Self

This lighthearted podcast talks about maneuvering the digital world. Technology promised us an easier and more efficient life, but it can also become overwhelming. In Note to Self, Manoush Zomorodi looks at technology from a human perspective and delves into topics such as how it affects our work, leisure and health and how to use technology in moderation.

Why’d You Push That Button?

Why’d You Push That Button? podcast, created by The Verge, discusses the choices technology forces us to make and the impact it has on our lives. Episodes often feature consumers, developers, friends, and strangers. They ask sometimes weird, straightforward, or even dumb questions about technology. For example, why do you keep your ‘read receipt’ on your messaging app, which shows you when the recipient read your message? Do you know what impact it has on your social life?

Accidental Tech Podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast is a tech podcast that was created accidentally, as the hosts say, “while trying to do a car show.” It’s run by three developers that managed to turn their hobby into a profession. They cover a wide range of topics with an emphasis on pop culture. That means a lot of content on programming languages, the latest product reviews, and console gaming. The hosts offer in-depth conversations with a lot of friendly techie jokes, so you really feel like you are sitting in the backstage of their studio.


Who said that only men are good at tech? Rocket is an all-female tech podcast hosted by Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent Christina Warren, Game Development and Tech Feminist Brianna Wu, and Family Gaming and Diversity Writer Simone de Rochefort. These three aspiring females cover everything about tech, comics, movies, books, and video games.

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