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VPN servers in Europe

Hundreds of European servers. Enjoy safe internet access in the EU and beyond.

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Connect to VPN servers in Europe

Easy privacy and security

NordVPN makes connecting to VPN servers in Europe quick and simple. Just open the server map, select your European country of choice, and relax — your VPN connection will be ready in seconds.


35+ countries to choose from

Europe is in the palm of your hand. Want to connect to specific VPN servers in a European country? On the app’s sidebar, scroll down to the country you want, click on the three-dot icon, and choose.


Specialty servers for a better experience

Have something specific in mind? We’ve got you covered. Access Double VPN, P2P, Onion Over VPN, and more in our Specialty Servers sections. Just select the category you want!


Pick the right European VPN server for you

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Location matters

For the best connection speed, pick servers that are close to your physical location. Don’t worry — you’ll enjoy the same privacy and security, whether you’re connected to the UK or Ukraine.

dedicated ip

Get a dedicated IP

A static IP address belongs to you and you alone. Order yours from NordVPN and enjoy complete privacy without compromising your online reputation.

quick connect

Stay safe with a click or tap

Just want to secure your connection without any hassle? No problem. Push Quick Connect, and our app will pick the optimal European VPN server automatically.

double vpn

Double-down on security

Make your data twice as hard to crack with our Double VPN specialty European servers. Once you connect, we’ll route your data through two different IP addresses, encrypting it twice along the way.


Best speed for P2P sharing

No need to drop speed for security when you share files. Enjoy the best of both worlds with NordVPN’s specialized European P2P servers.

Why NordVPN?


Your favorite content on demand

Take your local content with you

Traveling abroad? Don’t miss your favorite shows or updates. Enjoy the best streaming experience at any time, on any device.

Enjoy the internet without borders

Goodbye, censorship. Enjoy unfiltered access to local content with over 5800 secure VPN servers in 59 countries.

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Ultimate internet privacy

Keep snoops away

Don’t let others track what you do online. Cloak your IP address with NordVPN and enjoy being you in your own time.

Don’t leave a trace

We follow a strict no-logs policy. That means everything you do while connected to our European VPN servers is your business. We can’t reveal any details since we don’t know any.

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Strong online security

Block malicious websites

Clicked on a suspicious link by accident? NordVPN will step in and protect you from the malicious site with our CyberSec technology.

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Make every Wi-Fi hotspot as safe as your home connection. Protect your data with military-grade encryption at airports, hotels, cafés, or other public places.

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What makes NordVPN the top choice in Europe?

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Strong data encryptioncheckcheck
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Use our smart algorithm to quickly find the VPN server that matches your unique needs.

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