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Space shifting

Space shifting

(also place shifting)

Space shifting definition

Space shifting, or place shifting, enables you to stream media content like live TV broadcasts, recorded videos, or music from your home media setup to any other device. It means that no matter where you are physically, you can still access your home content through the internet.

Space shifting technology addresses the modern demand for flexibility in media consumption, enabling you to access your content anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

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How space shifting works

First, you need a place shifting device or software that is connected to your media source at home or any primary location. This could be a digital video recorder (DVR), a cable or satellite TV box, or a personal computer storing media files. The place shifting device captures the media content from the source and then converts it into a format suitable for streaming over the internet.

Once the content is converted, it is streamed over the internet to your remote device, which could be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any internet-connected device capable of receiving and displaying the media content. You access the place shifting device or software through a dedicated app or a website, where you can select and control the media stream.

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