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Backup as a Service

(also BaaS, online backup, cloud backup)

Backup as a Service definition

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud-based solution that offers businesses automated and scalable data recovery. Information is saved offsite. BaaS protects it against hardware failures or accidental deletions.

See also: Data backup

Use cases of Backup as a Service

  1. 1.Data loss protection. BaaS safeguards against accidental file deletions, system crashes, or hardware failures.
  2. 2.Scalable storage. Businesses with changing data storage needs benefit from Backup as a Service too. It offers flexible and scalable options without the need for physical hardware upgrades.
  3. 3.Remote work continuity. BaaS ensure that remote and distributed teams can access critical files and collaborate seamlessly. Even when devices are lost or damaged.
  4. 4.Disaster recovery. In case of unforeseen incidents, BaaS allows for quick restoration of business operations as it provides a backup of data, applications, and systems.
  5. 5.Compliance and legal requirements. Industries with strict data retention regulations, such as healthcare and finance, use BaaS to meet compliance standards and securely store sensitive information.