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NordLocker – A secure and private file encryption tool with free cloud storage

People don’t think too much about their files. You snap a picture, download a PDF from a government website, create a document — and they all just sit there on your device. But what about file security? What if the device is lost or stolen? Some people rely on cloud storage services to sync their files, but do you trust them to keep your data safe and private? You never know. That’s why we’re introducing NordLocker, a private tool to encrypt your files and sync them across your devices securely and confidentially.

NordLocker – A secure and private file encryption tool with free cloud storage

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is NordLocker?

NordLocker is a file security tool for individuals and businesses. The app uses end-to-end encryption to protect your files on your device and in the cloud. But what does that mean?

Well, imagine a safe you can take with you. Open your computer and it’s there. Take out your smartphone on the way to work – your safe is ready for you. Need to use a shared computer to grab private files? Here’s your digital safe again. That’s NordLocker.

NordLocker is a file encryption tool based on zero-knowledge architecture. Not only does it keep your files private from unauthorized access by other users on the device, but even the app creators don’t know anything about what you encrypt. Unlike SAN or NAS technology, no physical hardware is needed to use NordLocker. Moreover, your very own cloud storage allows you to back up and sync your files across all your devices securely. Best of all, NordLocker is built with a drag and drop interface, so anyone can use the app to regain some privacy.


Why you should use NordLocker

People leave their fingerprints all over the internet. Bad internet hygiene doesn’t just hurt your privacy, it also weakens your and your family’s security.

So, how can you improve your digital habits? NordVPN can help protect you while you’re browsing, but NordLocker can secure your photos, videos, and files and give you full control over your data. Or as NordLocker says, “you can become the owner of your data.”

NordLocker improves your privacy by encrypting your files and locking them with your key. Unlike mainstream cloud providers, they have no way of accessing your files. You alone hold the encryption keys and can decide what and when to share with others. You’re protected even on shared devices because file names are encrypted, too.

Secure your files on your device and in the cloud.

Get NordVPN and NordLocker together.

How does NordLocker work?

Without getting too deep into the depths of cryptography, NordLocker uses end-to-end encryption to encrypt any file you drop into the app. State-of-the-art cryptography ciphers ensure that your files stay secure on every device. For example, AES-256 handles encrypted files and filenames, cipher suite xChaCha20 protects keychain and identity data, while Ed25519 ensures the security of your digital signatures.

There’s much more happening under the hood, but you don’t need to become a cryptography expert to use NordLocker. On the contrary, it was designed to help protect privacy even if you know nothing about the intricacies of end-to-end encryption.

Here’s how easy it is to use NordLocker:

  1. Download and install NordLocker.
  2. Create your first locker (an encrypted folder).
  3. Drop any file into the app.
  4. If you want, share your lockers with other NordLocker users.

End-to-end encryption has its flaws, as well. Since NordLocker doesn’t collect your data or know your encryption keys, you must ensure the safety of your master password and the recovery key. If you lose both, nobody can help you recover your files.

NordLocker features

NordLocker has been growing fast and introduced many new features recently. The “beta” sign off has been removed from the NordLocker logo to signify that the app is now what the team wants it to be. There will be more new features in the future, but let’s see how NordLocker looks now:

Drag and drop interface

It’s very easy to get started with NordLocker because you can drag and drop files and folders into the app directly. In fact, NordLocker feels just like any other cloud storage provider because most of the time, you don’t even notice the encryption processes.

Encryption works with any file

It sure does. Document or video, tiny or massive – you can protect it with NordLocker.

Organize your files, folders, and lockers

NordLocker continues to improve the way you browse your encrypted cloud storage. For now, you can sort your files and folders into lockers, share them privately, preview file data in the right side panel, and even open other apps inside NordLocker.

Cross-platform access

NordLocker syncs your secure cloud storage across all your devices. You can download and install NordLocker on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices or reach your cloud storage via any web browser.

Save device space

Running low on device space? Offload your files with Space Saver. When you encrypt files with NordLocker, you can choose where you want to store them: only on your device, only in the cloud, or both. Whatever you choose, your files are always just a click away.

Enhanced security methods

Your NordLocker account is secured with a double lock: your Nord Account credentials and your NordLocker master password. If you want to access your locker quicker, set up Windows Hello or biometrics and open the app in a click.

You can also make your account even more secure. NordLocker now supports authentication via physical security keys, authenticator apps, and single-use backup codes.

Secure sharing

When it comes to online data sharing, sending a file often means giving it away. After you click “send”, you can never know who will open it next. When you share encrypted files via NordLocker Cloud, you give access to one of your lockers — access you can revoke at any time.

Quick way to share

While NordLocker aims to help you secure your every file, sometimes you may need to send a file that doesn’t contain any sensitive information. Instead of sharing it with a locker, you can also share a copy of a file. Generate a link to a shared file and send it to your friend or simply add the person’s email address and NordLocker will do the rest.

Unlimited encryption

Encrypt files locally without limits. As long as your free device storage allows it, you can secure files of all types and sizes.


Backups can be tedious because a person must remember to make them in the first place. On NordLocker Cloud, your encrypted files are backed up automatically. So no matter what happens to your device, your data alway stays safe.


When you use mainstream cloud services, they can use your data however they want. NordLocker believes that your data is yours to keep. That’s why the app is built with zero-knowledge architecture. It means that nobody at NordLocker can know what you encrypt or store on your cloud.

Protection from ransomware

Ransomware is a virus that can take over a single computer or a company’s entire network. And since encryption is instantaneous, many users are caught off guard. NordLocker secures files and backs them up in a cloud, protecting them from ransomware and other types of malware.

Is NordLocker safe?

Yes, NordLocker is completely safe. Create your master password, save your recovery key, and start encrypting files. You don’t need to worry about cloud security because your files are encrypted before they leave your device. On your computer or in your NordLocker Cloud storage, nobody has access to your files without your knowledge or permission.

Secure your files on your device and in the cloud.

Get NordLocker Premium today

NordLocker Free vs NordLocker Premium

Every NordLocker user gets 3 GB of free cloud storage. But with NordLocker Premium, you can increase your secure cloud storage to 500 GB or even 2 TB. But is the switch worth it? It depends.

If your main concern is securing documents, a free account may suffice. Documents are small, so you could fit thousands of them into your encrypted lockers. But if you’re looking to protect your media or make data back ups, switching to a Premium plan may be the best choice.

Keep in mind that whether you have a free NordLocker account or NordLocker Premium, you can still encrypt and store files on your device without limits.

What is NordLocker Business?

Nord Security launched NordLocker as a user-focused encryption tool. Of course, not only users need data protection. For what it’s worth, rising cybercrime proves that businesses may need it even more. That’s why in 2022, NordLocker Business was released.

NordLocker Business is a platform that enables companies to secure their company data, back it up, and ensure it’s only accessible by the authorized people. NordLocker Business has several big differences from NordLocker’s user-focused cloud storage solution. First, a business account has roles (owner, admin, user) helping team leaders manage company data easier. They can do that via the Admin Panel that allows managers to check data storage usage, invite new employees, and recover accounts.

NordLocker Business has other ways to ensure that only the authorized people can access the data. For example, managers can create and share lockers with groups. Only someone belonging to a certain group will have access to that locker.