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Cyber vandalism

Cyber vandalism

(also digital vandalism)

Cyber vandalism definition

Cyber vandalism is a destructive cyberattack without any obvious profit or ideological motive. Cyber vandals can deface websites, disrupt a company’s services, or delete databases.

Real cyber vandalism examples

2016: in the middle of the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page was defaced several times by cyber vandals.

2016-2022: Activision-Blizzard had to deal with frequent DDoS attacks that made it hard to play many of its online-only games.

Stopping cyber vandalism

  • Don’t click suspicious links or attachments
  • Keep backups of websites and databases
  • Manufacturing prospects
  • Train employees to rapidly restore defaced content
  • Invest in anti-DDoS measures, such as a VPN

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