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Cloud advertising

Cloud advertising

Cloud advertising definition

Cloud advertising is advertising that uses cloud computing to run campaigns. With cloud advertising, advertisers can analyze large amounts of data, automate campaigns, and deliver targeted advertising to consumers across various digital channels.

See also: cloud architecture, cloud as a service, cloud communications, artificial intelligence

Dangers associated with cloud advertising

  • Data privacy and security. Cloud advertising relies heavily on data analytics, which involves collecting, storing, and processing large amounts of personal information. This raises concerns about data breaches, unauthorized access, and misuse of consumer data.
  • Ad fraud. Cloud advertising is susceptible to various forms of ad fraud, including click fraud, impression fraud, and ad injection.
  • Personalization. Targeted advertising is very effective, but it also raises privacy concerns, especially among consumers who feel their activities are being monitored too closely.
  • Reduced human oversights. With automation and AI tools doing a significant share of the tasks, human involvement in cloud advertising is highly reduced. While that leads to better efficiency, it also poses a risk of unethical practices slipping past human notice and hurting consumers.

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