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Why you should never reuse passwords

Alessandro’s advice to others

Do NOT use the same password for all your accounts, no matter how easy it seems.

Alessandro B.

Alessandro B.

Age 42, Finland, specialist

The story

It all happened a few years ago. As many others like me, I was heavily involved in the net, from purchasing things online to using many online services, like video games, social media, or the like.

I still do not know where or how my details were stolen, but the finding out part was quite traumatic, as I found out my credit card was not working anymore when making purchases internationally. All the various services I paid for with that card were starting to complain I was not paying their monthly fee and I had to do what most people dread, call my bank.

That is when I found out my card had been blocked, because they saw purchases made in my name with it that were quite suspicious: in Walmart somewhere in the US, when I was firmly residing in Finland and had never travelled there.

I was a lucky one because my bank saw the purchases and blocked them, so there were no financial consequences to me personally, but to this day I still receive plenty of phishing emails that claim to know my password.

I was one of the stupid ones that used the same password for basically everything, but I think I’m in good company there. Luckily for me, this scare was enough to push me to change my habits, and now I have a system in place; I changed all my passwords to all my numerous accounts scattered through the internet, started using NordVPN, and took advantage of 2-form authentication where possible.

I know I’m not 100% secure as no one ever is, but since then, there has not been any such incident, and I feel quite a bit more secure.

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