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Hackers out of luck. Totally.

Barbara’s advice to others

Don’t open emails you don’t know the source of. In particular, if you see an email from yourself, your own email address, be very suspicious.



Age 67, USA, retired

The story

We were sent a series of threatening, blackmail emails several months ago. We got several emails from our own address. We were told that this person had hacked our email & could see everything we did online including accessing some very unsavory sites…which we had not nor would we ever. They also said they had images of us accessing these sites. Interesting because we have an old monitor with no camera capabilities. There was a demand for a substantial amount of money, 4 figures.

I will not be bullied. I got NordVPN and changed all of our passwords. Also signed up with a large personal data monitoring service. Peaceful & worry-free, so far.

We continue to be vigilant, unsubscribing from unwanted email solicitation, and never opening emails from someone we don’t know or haven’t requested. We also periodically change the passwords of our more sensitive links.

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Vasileios K. · Age 43 · USA · business owner

Be vigilant. Hackers don’t take time off.

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Jeffrey J. · Age 42 · USA · managing director

That must have been one very hungry hacker

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Michael S. · Age 48 · USA · specialist

Online shopping gone wrong

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