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Woman loses $19,000 in savings account

Courtney’s advice to others

Do not just rely on an antivirus. You need a strong VPN program.

Courtney L.

Courtney L.

Age 65, USA, retired

The story

I checked my bank accounts early one morning in 2005 through internet banking and couldn’t believe I was $7400 in debt on my credit card. I rang the bank and was informed that I had made purchases in the UK, namely a computer, TV and obviously I hadn’t.

The next incident happened more recently in 2018 whereby I had $12000 taken from my credit card for purchases in Japan. Again, it wasn’t me.

I am normally very careful when I’m online but obviously I wasn’t careful enough. On those two occasions I had not used a VPN, I always believed a good antivirus was all you needed.

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Barbara · Age 67 · USA · retired

Hackers out of luck. Totally.

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Jeffrey J. · Age 42 · USA · managing director

That must have been one very hungry hacker

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Sarah R. · Age 30 · Japan · teacher

Do two-step verification the right way

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