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Vince Steckler joins Nord Security as its first Independent Board Member

Nord Security started from a small privacy tool that became the world’s most trusted VPN service with over 14 million users worldwide. Now, with NordVPN, NordPass, NordLocker, and NordLayer going strong, we want to build more future-oriented, user-friendly digital protection tools. The Nord Security brand is turning into a one-stop shop for your cybersecurity needs.

Vince Steckler joins Nord Security as its first Independent Board Member

But we want to do it right. So, as part of our mission to create the best, most secure products for our users, we’re bringing in the most trusted figures in the industry to share their insights.

We’re excited to announce that Nord Security welcomes Vince Steckler as its first Independent Board Member. He’s going to share his decades of invaluable experience helping us build the best digital security products for our users.

Vince Steckler — Nord Security’s first Independent Board Member

Vince Steckler, the Nord Security board’s first independent member, is an admired figure in the field of digital security. Originally a programmer, Vince Steckler experienced all levels of the cybersec industry over the past 40+ years. He spent over a decade as Avast’s CEO and architected its growth from a small regional company to the world’s most trusted consumer security product.

Before retiring, he took Avast public in the largest ever software IPO on the London Stock Exchange. Previously Vince spent nearly 10 years at Symantec in senior leadership positions in the consumer, enterprise, and government businesses.

Team of Advisors

In addition, Nord Security has formed a Team of Advisors. The group includes independent experts, scholars, and technology specialists from different fields. Our team will rely on their know-how in creating forward-looking security products while staying transparent in our communication.

The team consists of prominent figures in the cybersecurity industry. A web security legend and the creator of, Troy Hunt has also been advising Nord Security since 2020. Hunt also regularly lends his expertise to critical institutions, including the US Congress.

Another guiding voice is the engineering and development professional Tammarrian Rogers. She led engineers in developing the first version of the Office Suite and Windows 8 while at Microsoft and currently works at Snap Inc.

Application security expert Tanya Janca is also joining the team. She is the author of the best-seller Alice and Bob Learn Application Security and the CEO/founder of the We Hack Purple academy and community.

Entrepreneur and investor Rytis Vitkauskas, a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, also joined the team.

The Team of Advisors will provide Nord Security with strategic guidance and unique insights on different aspects of digital security. This will help us create the most secure and easy-to-use products so that our users can feel confident about their online safety.

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