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10 years of NordVPN

A decade ago, few believed that a VPN could be mainstream. Today, NordVPN is the world’s leading VPN trusted by millions of people all over the globe. And more — it’s become a cybersecurity service that protects users from various online threats.

Follow our journey below.












birthday nordvpn mountains

Humble beginnings. To use NordVPN, you have to download a special file and set it up yourself. We launch the first VPN servers, a total of 6 of them. That should be enough.

NordVPN is born
Self-configuration file on Windows
First server in Germany
6 servers in total
birthday laptop windows vpn app

Forget self-configs — get NordVPN’s app and join the first 1000 users who are using it.

1000 users reached
App for Windows
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You can get support 24/7 — we’re the first premium VPN to provide it. And if you’re looking for advanced security features, this is when we start rolling them out.

24/7 customer support service
New feature: Double VPN
New feature: Onion Over VPN
birthday nordvpn app

Hello Apple users, NordVPN has become a cross-platform service! Connect to 100 servers in 27 countries.

iOS and macOS apps
100 servers in 27 countries
birthday android phone nordvpn app

Oops, we meant 550 VPN servers! Why don’t you connect to one of them with your Android phone?

Android app
550 servers in 50 countries
First PCMag award
birthday chrome firefox extension

Do you want to secure your browsing without encrypting your whole internet traffic? You can if you’re using Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox extensions
birthday small price calculator

Use NordVPN on every major platform (hello, Linux users!). Plus, we set a new standard for VPN transparency with the no-logs audit.

New apps: Linux and Android TV
Industry-first no-logs audit completed
birthday locker layer pass

By focusing on the cybersecurity needs of our users, we take our first steps beyond a VPN. Nord products now secure online activity, passwords, files, and even businesses.

NordPass, a password manager
NordLocker, a file encryption service
NordLayer, a VPN for business
NordLynx, powered by WireGuard
VPN Trust Initiative founded
5000 servers in 59 countries
Best VPN overall award – ProPrivacy Awards
birthday speed rocket fastest vpn

NordLynx, our innovative tunneling solution, is now the default VPN protocol. We begin moving to RAM servers and upgrade their speed and security. NordVPN becomes the fastest VPN on the planet.

Best VPN overall award (second year in a row!)
Second, more detailed audit completed
Colocated servers
Becoming the fastest VPN on the planet
birthday dark web monitor mask

Ping, you’ve just been informed that your credentials were leaked. That’s our Dark Web Monitor in action. NordVPN now does everything a VPN has to do, so there’s only one way to go.

New feature: Dark Web Monitor
Edge extension
NordVPN runs natively on M1 Macs
ioXt Alliance certification
Security audit completed
Nord Account with MFA benefits
Third-party sign-ins streamlined
Innovative speed test tool
birthday thread protection shield

NordVPN is more than just a VPN. We not only secure the connection of our users but protect them from trackers and malware. Made possible by a major new feature — Threat Protection.

New feature: Threat Protection

Take cybersecurity to the next level

Block malicious websites and intrusive ads. Protect your identity and sensitive data.