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Service Update: 1000 Servers at NordVPN!

Since April 14, a number of new locations have been added to the ever-growing NordVPN server network, the total number reaching 1000+! Here’s a quick overview of what has changed in the server list over the past few weeks!

New country:

Slovenia #1

New Servers:

Albania #2
Australia #27-39
Austria #7-10
Belgium #3-6
Canada #89-94
Czech Republic #3-6
Finland #5-9
France #18-23
Germany #139-154
Iceland #4-7
Ireland #2
Italy #14-15
Luxembourg #5-12
Moldova #2-5
Netherlands #72-79
Norway #6-9
Romania #9-12
South Africa #6
Sweden #34-45
Switzerland #12-15
Turkey #4-7
United Kingdom #98-105
United States #665-725

Double VPN servers:

Canada – US #1
US – Canada #3

Also, a number of servers in several countries are in the process of being replaced to ensure better speed and performance. They include locations in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, and a number of US servers.

Enjoy the new servers right away

Servers will be automatically updated on all NordVPN native apps. Clients using NordVPN OpenVPN should restart software and it will automatically download all recently added servers.

NordVPN now offers 2850 servers in 59 countries, as we continue to invest in our infrastructure and want to provide you with more options.

We want to hear from you. Where do you want the next NordVPN server location to be? Let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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