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NordVPN for Android: release notes

Nov 06, 2020 · 5 min read

NordVPN for Android: release notes

Catch up with the latest releases of the NordVPN app for Android. Each time we pack a new version and push the code, we aim to make the app experience better for our 10M-install club. You know what to do to keep your online security on point – always hit that update button.

NordVPN 4.17


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    Wondering if you can improve your current connection? Tap the ‘refresh’ button – the Quick Connect algorithm will check if there’s a better server option for you and reconnect to the fastest server in the same location.
  • success
    Now you can set VPN connection as metered. It gives you more control over how much data your phone uses through downloads and other apps. Available in Android Q and above.
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    A selection of minor bugs was left behind while packing this release. Definitely not the hardest goodbye.

NordVPN 4.16.4


This summer, we’ve introduced Nord Account, which unified the login and sign-up across all Nord products. This release includes an updated login flow, but you don’t need to do anything about it – your current account details are automatically transferred to Nord Account. Just lay back, relax, and continue enjoying online security. If you decide to expand your protection outside VPN, your Nord Account will work like magic when getting on board with other Nord security products.

NordVPN 4.15.2


For a top-notch VPN experience, routine maintenance is just as important as a new shiny feature. So nothing grand this time — just the usual bug-fixing business. We’re sending some good vibes and under-the-hood improvements your way!

NordVPN 4.14.3


Veni, vidi, VPNi — we came, we saw, we updated accordingly.

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    We upgraded NordVPN’s pause function. It’s now much more user-friendly.
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    Our map is now roughly 15% mappier, according to our cartographers. We’re working to make it the mappiest.
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    No more tap, tap, tapjacked for you — we will now automatically alert users if a malicious overlay tries to trick them in the NordVPN app.
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    Did somebody call the exterminators? ‘Cause we squashed a host of teeny-tiny bugs.

NordVPN 4.13.2


We took up a challenge of telling you what’s new in 20 seconds. Go!

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    The new and fast NordLynx based on WireGuard® or the classic and versatile OpenVPN? We now show the VPN protocol in use in the connection status bar.
  • success
    Love our app? Share it with friends right from the Settings menu. It may sound cliche, but in this case, sharing is actually caring about your friends’ digital safety.
  • success
    A few fixes.

20 seconds. Nailed it.

NordVPN 4.12.5


Dear bugs, it’s not the same without you. It’s way better now. (Not trying to be mean or anything here. Just making the app experience better.)

NordVPN 4.11.5


What does driving an F1 racer and using the NordVPN app have in common? From now on, it’s NordLynx – our technology built around the WireGuard® protocol to bring you blazing speeds in VPN connections. Fast, secure, and optimized for privacy, NordLynx is a game-changer in your mobile experience. Head to ‘Settings’ and switch to NordLynx in ‘VPN protocol’ to take it for a test drive!

NordVPN 4.10.3


  • success
    Protection from tapjacking: it keeps you safe from unintentional disconnects – both malicious attempts and innocent ‘pocket disconnects’ – by requiring two steps to disable VPN.
  • success
    Redesigned custom DNS setting: fewer taps, more convenience and clarity.
  • success
    Split tunneling in TV mode: disable VPN for selected apps.
  • success
    Local network access in TV mode: be visible and access other devices (e.g. computers, printers) on LAN.
  • success
    Auto-connect performs even better now!
  • success
    A bunch of minor bugs have been fixed.

NordVPN 4.9.2


  • success
    Now you don’t need to go any further than our app notification to snooze VPN protection for 5 minutes. Because hey, every second of your time is precious.
  • success
    Running NordVPN on your smart TV? We redesigned Settings to make it easier to navigate.
  • success
    We also did some tinkering under the hood to make your VPN experience smoother.

NordVPN 4.8.1


  • success
    Local network access: switch it on to be visible and to access other devices (computers, printers, TVs – you name it) on LAN. Switch it off to put the invisibility cloak back on.
  • success
    The one for extra safety: now, you can connect and disconnect from a VPN using the Quick Settings Tile only when your phone is unlocked.
  • success
    You say ‘bug,’ we say ‘fixes.’ We’ve defeated a bunch of these sneaky creatures to make your app experience smoother.

NordVPN 4.7.3


  • success
    We added directions that will help you enable Kill Switch in Android system settings. What does Kill Switch do? If a VPN connection drops unexpectedly, it disables the internet so that no unprotected traffic leaves your device.
  • success
    We defeated a bunch of sneaky bugs to make your app experience smoother. The rare species encountered: the one that suggests random apps for sending us an email, the one that makes you hit ‘search’ twice to actually run a search in the Android TV app, and others.

NordVPN 4.6.1


  • success
    Pause VPN protection for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour and get connected again automatically. It’s like hitting “snooze” – only that instead of a few more moments of precious sleep, you temporarily disable VPN connection.
  • success
    Now you can set a custom DNS server address in our app for Android TV as well. Not using VPN on your smart TV yet? Go ahead and try it now.
  • success
    The app is now better at communicating in Korean.
  • success
    A few performance tweaks to make your app experience even better.

NordVPN 4.4.1


  • success
    We reorganized the way auto-connect settings are displayed. It’s clearer now, and it takes fewer taps to get the auto-connect up and running!
  • success
    Our bug hunting department rolled up their sleeves and dispatched a few bugs far far away.

NordVPN 4.2.3


  • success
    To split tunnel or not to split tunnel, that is the question. Now you can select apps you don’t want to run through the encrypted VPN connection.
  • success
    Server list is no more: when you select a country, our smart server picker will connect you to the best server out there. If you really really want a specific one, search is your go-to.
  • success
    Now you can give us instant feedback about your connection quality. Was it like driving an F1 racer? Or rather a slow and bumpy ride? We want to know.

NordVPN 4.0 ⭐️


This is a big moment for our app 🎉 The next-gen NordVPN 4.0 is ready to roar to life! 🦁

Before diving into the tech specs, we want to give kudos to the star behind this release – Super K 🦸 (yes K, we’re pointing at you!) He steered the ship of our Android team all the way through the expedition 4.0, and now he’s drifting away to lead another lucky team ⛴

Pardon the multitude of emojis over here – we know it’s not common in our communication. Yet we believe that’s the proper way to honor all the fascinating work K has done with our Android app and to say “bon voyage” 👏 K, you’re the real master of emojis because hey, finding the perfect descriptive emoji for every 🐛 and ⚒ is a form of art!

Now, let’s unfold the magic of the NordVPN version 4.0 👇

While the second and third generations of the app were marked by radical changes in the UI, this time we’ve focused on the very essence 🧬 We worked the code base from the ground up, revamping the fundamentals of our VPN implementation.

These changes will open new paths in making the NordVPN app the best version of itself – with more stability in connections, more smoothness in overall performance, and, of course, new exciting features 🚀 The future is bright, guys ☀️

Don’t have the NordVPN app yet? Download it now.

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