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NordVPN introduces an app vulnerability detection feature

NordVPN and Threat Protection present a software vulnerability detection feature to up your cybersecurity game. It checks your Windows computer for vulnerable programs and notifies you about their security flaws so you can take action. Read on to learn about the effortless use and mechanics of vulnerability detection.

NordVPN introduces an app vulnerability detection feature

What is a vulnerability detection feature?

NordVPN presents a new Threat Protection feature — vulnerability detection. It checks applications and software on your Windows PC for security vulnerabilities.

This easy-to-use vulnerability detection tool is designed for an everyday internet user and doesn’t require much technical know-how. It automatically checks the applications for known security flaws that hackers may exploit to gain unauthorized access to your device and sensitive information. If vulnerability detection identifies an open-to-attack app on your computer, it immediately sends you a notification so you can take action to protect your data and device.

The mechanics of vulnerability detection

The principle of a vulnerability detection mechanism is pretty straightforward. In order to detect whether any apps on a device are susceptible to hacking, it checks the database of apps with their app versions and known vulnerabilities that affect those apps. If the vulnerability detection tool finds one or more of these vulnerable apps on the device, it sends an alert to the user.

Security flaws have one of four different levels based on their severity:

  • Low (0.1 – 3.9)
  • Medium (4.0 – 6.9)
  • High (7.0 – 8.9)
  • Critical (9.0 – 10.0)

The higher the number, the more severe the vulnerability hackers may exploit to steal money, an identity, or sensitive data.

Responding to vulnerability detection alerts

If you receive a vulnerability detection alert about a software security loophole, update the susceptible app immediately. Visit the developer’s website and search for the latest version of the app if there’s no update notification when you launch the program. If the software owner doesn’t offer security patches to fix the vulnerability and you decide on using a vulnerable app, be wary of possible cyber dangers.

A step-by-step guide: Activate NordVPN’s vulnerability detection

If you want to improve your NordVPN experience with vulnerability detection, follow this step-by-step guide and add a layer of top-notch protection to your private data.

  • Open the NordVPN app and log in with your Nord Account credentials.
  • Click the shield on the top-left corner and open the Threat Protection feature.
  • Press “Turn on” in the “Vulnerability detection” card.

Done! Your data is safer than it was before.

This feature supports Windows 7.15 and newer operating system versions. However, if you want to use Threat Protection on your Windows PC without vulnerability detection, again click on the shield in the top-left corner and hit “Turn off” under vulnerability detection.

Enable vulnerability detection for enhanced security

Still wondering why you need yet another tool for your data security? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a list of the main reasons to activate vulnerability detection on your NordVPN app:

  • Reduce the chances of getting hacked. You may never know what cyber threats lurk on a seemingly innocent application. If your app is updated and contains the latest security patches, there’s usually nothing to fear. But if it doesn’t, it is better to arm yourself with premium vulnerability detection.
  • Enhance your cybersecurity game. Enable vulnerability protection with a click of a button and enjoy peace of mind 24/7. It does the job for you and automatically sends notifications about detected vulnerabilities.
  • No need to spend extra money. If you already own a NordVPN with Threat Protection subscription, vulnerability detection comes with it for free, just like our other features.

Activate vulnerability detection with one click and let NordVPN take care of your cybersecurity journey.

Online security starts with a click.

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