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Service Update: NordVPN is now faster than ever

When we tested our most recent VPN server update, we couldn’t believe our eyes – could it really be running that fast? We asked our research and development pros to run the tests again and again.

Service Update: NordVPN is now faster than ever

The numbers were right. So NordVPN is unveiling an update that brings more impact to the speeds you get on our servers than anything we’ve done before.

NordVPN is faster than ever

The R&D engineers at NordVPN work tirelessly to squeeze the best VPN speeds possible out of our infrastructure and code while providing you with top-notch security. Their efforts are the reason our service keeps getting better month after month, but the latest update is special.

We cannot go into too much detail about the technical changes just yet. We’ll give more information as soon as the application status is updated. But we can tell you this: NordVPN has developed a solution that cuts the time required for TCP packets to travel between a client, a VPN server, and their ultimate destination (e.g., a website). This improves your connection speeds dramatically. You’re most likely to notice that when connecting to long-distance servers, for example, from Europe to the US.

We were able to do this because we have one of the most powerful VPN infrastructures in the world. It can shoulder the weight and then some. However, running this new technological solution will require a few changes.

How your service will be impacted

You can expect much greater speeds. As of right now, our new solution is only available for OpenVPN connections. As you read this, our engineers are hard at work preparing to prepare this configuration for our IKEv2 servers as well. It will also eventually be implemented for users of our new proprietary NordLynx protocol.

What about security, you may ask. None of the changes we are making will have any negative impact on the security and privacy NordVPN provides. Unprecedented speeds with the same exact protection. But there’s a catch.

Because people are more likely to use their VPN more often if it’s fast, this speed upgrade may actually make you more secure. When our servers run this fast, it’ll be easier to leave NordVPN on all the time and forget all about it.

Try our new and improved speeds now. It’s risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.