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NordVPN app for Android TV is available now!

There’s an easy way to watch your favorite shows securely. The NordVPN app for Android TV is one fo the few apps out there to provide VPN support for the Android TV!

NordVPN app for Android TV is available now!

Entertainment meets privacy

Binge-watchers, hardcore TV fans and occasional streamers can all enjoy the benefits of a VPN on their Android TV. NordVPN’s server network ensures a fast and reliable VPN connection wherever you are.

The app is designed to match your Android TV perfectly. We’ve been offering a VPN for Android phones phones for a while, but now it’s available for your TV as well. The native app interface makes everything, from setting it up to connecting to VPN, extremely easy.

NordVPN app for Android TV - Recent connections

Why use NordVPN on your TV

By having NordVPN on your Android TV, you can enhance your streaming experience in a number of ways.

Secure your smart TV

Since your smart TV is connected to the Internet, it becomes vulnerable to the same cyber threats as your computer, tablet, or smartphone. NordVPN for Android TV uses the OpenVPN security protocol to encrypt your online data, so your sensitive data is protected from hackers and snoopers. When you use VPN, even your Internet service provider can’t see what you’re watching and collect data on your TV viewing habits.

NordVPN offers over 6300 servers in 111 countries
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Defeat bandwidth throttling

Sometimes, Internet service providers (ISPs) differentiate traffic to slow down connection speeds for specific online activities. Streaming often tops the list, resulting in video buffering. This is a real practice, and you can find out more about bandwidth throttling here. Hardly anything can be more annoying than the latest episode of your favorite show getting interrupted, right? Well, now you can prevent it from happening by using NordVPN for your smart TV.

Watch your favorite content without any limitations.

What’s inside?

NordVPN for Android TV comes extremely user-friendly and packed with supreme features to let you enjoy your favorite shows without compromising your privacy.

  • Quick connect. Our star feature makes appearance in the NordVPN app for Android TV to make connecting to VPN a breeze. Simply hit Quick Connect, and our algorithms will pick the best server for you in terms of speed, latency, and performance, and connect you instantly.
  • CyberSec. The CyberSec security suite is integrated into our app for Android TV to protect your Internet-connected smart TV against malware and cyber-threats. Note: Due to Google’s policies, the CyberSec feature will no longer block ads on the NordVPN app downloaded from the Google Play Store. To continue to block ads in addition to malicious websites, download the .apk version of the app offered exclusively on our website.
  • Tough encryption. Just like the NordVPN mobile app for Android, the TV app uses the OpenVPN security protocol. It ensures the ultimate security through cutting-edge encryption technology.
  • TCP ports. If you want to go advanced, you can switch between the UDP and TCP Internet protocols depending on your preferences for connection speed and reliability.NordVPN app for Android TV - TCP
  • Specialty servers. The server categories you are used to seeing in our apps for other platforms are available in NordVPN for Android TV as well. Select among P2P, Onion over VPN, Double VPN and Obfuscated servers for extra security and online freedom.NordVPN app for Android TV - specialty servers

And you know what the greatest part is? Since you can have 10 simultaneous connections under a single NordVPN account, you never need to choose which device you want to secure with VPN. Simply secure them all!

Ready to go? Try the app now

The NordVPN app for Android TV is available on Google Play Store. Here’s how to set it up on your smart TV:

  1. Open Google Play store on your TV.
  2. Search for NordVPN and download it.
  3. If you already have an account, simply sign in. Or, if you’ve never used NordVPN before, create a new account to sign up.
  4. Once you’re on board, hit Quick Connect to connect to a VPN server instantly.
  5. That’s it! Watch a show and enjoy!

You can also check the video below for the workflow:

With NordVPN, lay back, relax and dive into the shows you love. Online freedom at your fingertips.