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The rising popularity of Roblox

Roblox is both a game and an online platform allowing users to create their own games. They can also play games by other users, which makes it a very social and interactive entertainment. Roblox's popularity skyrocketed during the Covid pandemic, and now it counts over 164 million users.

Unblock Roblox with NordVPN

Want to get Roblox unblocked? Use NordVPN to access restricted features, reduce ping, and protect yourself against DDoS attacks.

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Get Roblox unblocked everywhere

Bypass online censorship

While Roblox is a seemingly innocent game, it is still banned in some countries as its sandbox nature and user-generated games can potentially include some violent or malicious content. So if you’re wondering how to unblock Roblox, get NordVPN. It will help you to bypass restrictions by connecting to a remote server and enjoying the game wherever you are.

Servers around the world

NordVPN has servers all across the globe, so you can always choose the closest one to wherever you are. It has a network of over 5500+ servers, which means you'll always be able to find a good one. Or use the Quick Connect function, which automatically finds the best available server in terms of its proximity and load.

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Enjoy unblocked Roblox with no interruptions

Avoid bandwidth throttling

Some ISPs limit users' traffic during specific times or when they do something data-consuming, like online gaming. You can avoid this by using a VPN. It encrypts your connection, so no one can see what you do and slow down your gaming experience.

Enjoy blazing speeds

NordVPN is the fastest VPN on the market. With its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol, it offers you blazing speeds and never slows down your game. You will be able to enjoy it without pings or lags.

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Play safe

Protect your whole network

Roblox is fun, but you should also stay safe when playing it. NordVPN protects your whole network from snoopers and hackers, so you could enjoy your game without worrying.

Protect up to 6 devices

You can also enjoy Roblox on your mobile device outside your home, but some Wi-Fi networks can be unsafe. NordVPN will help you in this case. You can protect up to 6 devices with just a single account and enjoy Roblox safely wherever you go.

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success30-day money-back guarantee