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Unblock Origin and avoid restrictions

One of the biggest game distribution platforms

Origin is a gaming hub developed by Electronic Arts, where you can buy video games, play, stream, and socialize with other users. Unfortunately, some of the games are restricted to certain countries, but you can change your IP with NordVPN, unblock Origin’s full content, and enjoy it wherever you are.

Enjoy Sims 4 with Origin

You also need Origin to install and activate Sims 4. Only then you can play it offline legally. While Sims seems to be a family-friendly affair, the game got banned in China and six Middle East countries due to LGBT content. However, you can have Sims unblocked with NordVPN. Just connect to a server based in a Sims-friendly country and enjoy the game.

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Play safely

Encrypt your traffic

Origin has faced criticism for not encrypting its chat messages nor account numbers and session tokens. But you can protect your data on your own with NordVPN. It uses indecipherable top-notch encryption algorithms to protect you from snoopers.

Use Origin on the go

Playing games makes a great combo with waiting in line or getting a pumpkin spice latte. But that often means connecting to public Wi-Fi, which is a fertile ground for hackers. Encrypt your online traffic with NordVPN and play safe everywhere.

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No more speed restrictions

Avoid bandwidth throttling

Some internet providers (ISPs) limit their customers’ traffic on specific times. However, you can bypass this issue by wrapping your online traffic in encryption with a VPN. This way, nobody can curb your speed and spoil your gaming experience.

Get into action with the fastest VPN

Many Origin games are quick-paced and require immediate reaction, and you surely don’t want lagging and pinging. NordVPN got top marks in the test conducted by AV-Speed and now is officially the fastest VPN on the market. So it will protect you without disrupting your gameplay.

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Access everything in a click

Unblock Origin and enjoy unrestricted content

Some Origin games can get banned in certain countries. But with NordVPN, you can connect to the desired server in just a single click, change your IP, and bypass these restrictions. We have over 5000 servers available worldwide, so you will surely find the best one for you.

Easy interface

NordVPN is simple and extremely easy to use. You can connect to a preferred server with a single click or use the Quick Connect option to let the app choose the best one for you.

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Stay protected at all times

Protect your whole network

You can safeguard your whole home network with NordVPN. If you use various smart gadgets to enhance your gaming experience, you can protect up to 6 of them with just a single account.

Stay safe on mobile devices

Mobile gaming is fun, and NordVPN works perfectly on mobile devices. Just download an app, connect, and you’re safe. You can protect your annoying brother too, as you can use a single account for several devices.

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The best option to play unblocked

NordVPN’s servers are optimized to handle heavy traffic, which includes streaming and gaming. So, it is the best option for gamers to have fun and stay safe.

Want to enhance your gaming experience?

success30-day money-back guarantee