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Easy NordVPN setup on your PC, Mac, or router

Want to get your games unblocked? Use NordVPN to access games while traveling and protect yourself against DDoS attacks — everything you need to play in freedom. Forget about online restrictions by following these simple steps:


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Unblock games and play anywhere

Minecraft Unblocked through NordVPN

Access from anywhere

Unable to access your games while traveling? Use NordVPN to play your favorites with no interruptions. You can also use our versatile Meshnet feature to enjoy the games you own — either set up your device to use the IP address of a computer at home, or directly and securely connect with other devices for an encrypted virtual LAN party.

Bypass online censorship

NordVPN removes internet restrictions by hiding your IP address and thus masking your location. If you live in a restrictive environment and can’t access your favorite games, a VPN is your answer. You can choose from 5300+ servers in 60 countries for lightning-fast speeds and bypassing online censorship.

Play at lightning speed

Shortest ping times while playing Minecraft through NordVPN

Lightning-fast connection

A fast internet connection is crucial when playing online games — nobody wants to experience lags and stay behind their rivals. Since every second matters, connect to any NordVPN server and enjoy the ride. Get the most out of the NordLynx protocol, which is designed for high-speed connection and ultimate security.

Play Minecraft securely using VPN on public Wi-Fi

Go undetected and stay connected

Stay safe with hundreds of servers to choose from. With no record of activity or session data, you can play your beloved games as privately as possible. NordVPN encrypts your connection, securing public Wi-Fi. So whether you’re on holiday, in a cafe, or waiting for a flight, you’re free to play securely and privately on up to 6 devices.

Optimize your gaming with NordVPN risk-free