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No lag Halo Infinite multiplayer experience using VPN

A new adventure in the Halo series

Exciting Halo multiplayer experience

Halo Infinite is the new entry of the Halo franchise. It continues the incredible adventures of this critically-acclaimed video game series. It will offer a free-to-play multiplayer mode, a portion of which will be available for free. So you can enjoy some classic Halo action with other players.

No more interruptions

Enjoy the new Halo game with no lag, and have your whole network protected at the same time with NordVPN.

Play Halo worldwide with no restrictions through VPN

Enjoy Halo Infinite with the best VPN

Avoid bandwidth throttling

Some ISPs curb their users’ bandwidth during certain hours, especially at peak times. This would definitely impact your gaming experience. But NordVPN can solve this as it will encrypt your traffic, mask your IP, and keep ISPs from spoiling your online action.

Play wherever you are

Some games get banned in particular countries due to graphic imagery or other inappropriate content. NordVPN allows you to bypass these restrictions and to unblock Halo Infinite. It can change your IP, and you can connect from a Halo-friendly location without moving anywhere.

Lightning-fast connection through VPN using NordLynx technology

Blazing speeds for your smooth experience

Get the best speeds with NordVPN

NordVPN is officially the fastest VPN on the market. NordVPN received an excellent score in the speed test conducted by AV-TEST, an independent IT security institute. Its lightweight NordPynx protocol will guarantee you fast and secure gaming experience.

Servers around the world

NordVPN has over 5000 servers all across the world. So you can always choose the closest and least busy one. Or you can use our Quick Connect feature, which will automatically pick the best option for you.

Halo Infinite VPN anti-DDoS protection for the best online gaming experience

Play safe

Protect your network when online

NordVPN encrypts your connection with top-notch algorithms and protects you from snoopers. So you can play safely without worrying that someone will intercept your connection and see what you do.

Protect up to six devices

You can also protect up to six devices at once. Make sure your whole network is safe and uninvited intruders won’t spoil your gaming experience.

Unblock Halo from GEO-restrictions using NordVPN

Join the adventure anywhere

Global gaming experience

Enjoy the game in any corner of the world. The large number of servers will help you to stay connected anywhere. Bypass geo-restrictions easily with NordVPN and get the smoothest game.

Choose easily

NordVPN’s easy and straightforward interface will connect you in seconds. With just a single click, you can reach any server in the world.

Fast NordVPN servers for the best online gaming experience

The best option to play unblocked

Lots of servers mean plenty of opportunities for uninterrupted playing. They can handle heavy traffic, making NordVPN the right fit for gamers.

Want to enhance your gaming experience?

success30-day money-back guarantee