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Protect your internet traffic with easy VPN setup

You can encrypt your online traffic, protect your IP address, and enjoy a secure connection to your favorite content with just a few clicks. Using NordVPN is as easy as preparing your morning coffee.

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Just follow this simple VPN setup:
  1. Easy VPN download available here.
  2. Pick the most suitable plan here.
  3. Open the app and tap on the country you like. Our Quick Connect function and easy VPN software will automatically direct your online traffic to a VPN server best suited for your needs.
Easy VPN set up to use P2P servers and Onion Network features

If you need a particular server in a specific location, choose one manually from the country list. In the Specialty Servers section, you can find P2P servers for a smooth file sharing experience or connect to Onion Network for extra layers of encryption. As you see, it is the easiest VPN to set up.

Protect yourself easily with NordVPN’s handy features

Easy VPN app with Quick connect button

Go secure in a few seconds

No time to look for the most suitable server? We created a top-notch algorithm to help you connect to the best available VPN server in seconds. Just click the Quick Connect button and get protected immediately by our easy VPN. PC, smartphone, or tablet – secure any device with just a click.

Easy VPN for multiple devices

One account for the entire household

Protect up to 6 devices simultaneously with a single NordVPN account. One could be enough for all your family. No need to spend extra money to protect your kids from cybercriminals. We have the easiest VPN setup, so they won’t find it difficult to install it.

No worries if your family uses different devices. NordVPN supports all the main operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Multiple option VPN servers for different needs

Different servers for different needs

If you wish to swap files with your like-minded peers quickly and easily, NordVPN also has specialized servers for P2P sharing. Or maybe you work with sensitive data or operate from a country with limited freedom of speech? Onion Over VPN servers give you an extra layer of protection.

CyberSec feature hides unwanted pop-ups and ads

Stay clean on the web

It is so easy to get protected from annoying ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites with CyberSec. Don’t let them spoil your browsing and slow down your internet and computer.

3 more reasons to try NordVPN

State-of-the-art encryption

You don’t have to be a cryptographer to use encryption — NordVPN does everything for you. It secures your internet traffic with the 256-bit key AES encryption standard. US government institutions, including the NSA, have recommended this standard, and it has been embraced by cybersecurity experts and cryptographers. To use it, just click or tap.

Enjoy content without interruptions

If you need a specific server, you can easily choose the one most fitting your needs in the map or the country list. NordVPN offers 5200 servers in over 60 countries. The list includes not only Europe and North America, but also South African, Southeast Asian and South American countries.

Get in touch 24/7

If you run into any problem, our competent customer care team will find the best solution for you. Feel free to contact our friendly and smart support agents by email or live chat via our contacts page. You can also surf our Help Center and find an answer yourself in this knowledge base. We are eager to help you and solve your problems quickly and effectively.

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