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Accessible privacy with easy VPN

  • Enjoy high-end security with a click
  • Protect up to six different devices
  • Get online freedom with 5500+ VPN servers
Use NordVPN account on your multiple devices

Protect your internet traffic with easy VPN setup

You can encrypt your online traffic, protect your IP address, and enjoy a secure connection to your favorite content with just a few clicks. Using NordVPN is as easy as preparing your morning coffee.

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Just follow this simple VPN setup:

Encrypted VPN connection is just a few clicks away.


Download the app

Easily download a VPN app for any platform


Get a NordVPN subscription

Pick the most suitable plan and log in to the app with your brand-new Nord Account. Don’t forget to set up two-factor authentication for extra security.



Open the app and tap on the country you like. Our Quick Connect function on our easy-to-use VPN client will automatically direct your online traffic through a secure VPN server best suited for your needs.

neutralIf you need a particular server in a specific location, choose one manually from the country list. In the “Specialty servers” section, you can find P2P servers for a smooth file sharing experience or connect to Onion Network for extra layers of encryption. As you see, it’s easy to set up.

Protect yourself easily with NordVPN’s handy features

Go secure in a few seconds

Threat Protection to keep your connection safe from malwares_alt

Stay clean on the web

It’s so easy to shield yourself from malware and other online hazards with Threat Protection. Simply turn it on to automatically scan new downloads for infection, block dangerous links, stop ads in their tracks, and more. Threat Protection is available on the NordVPN apps for Windows and Mac.

advanced VPN encryption with NordVPN_alt

State-of-the-art encryption

You don’t have to be a cryptographer to use encryption — NordVPN does everything for you. It secures your internet traffic with the 256-bit key AES encryption standard. For an encrypted VPN connection, just click or tap.

a person staying private and safe with mobile vpn_alt

Different servers for different needs

Want to swap files with your like-minded peers quickly and easily? Use NordVPN’s specialized servers for P2P sharing. Working with sensitive data? Onion Over VPN servers give you an extra layer of protection.

Not a single device unprotected

One VPN account for multiple devices safety

One account, six devices

Protect up to six devices simultaneously with a single NordVPN account. Want to secure your entire household? Install NordVPN directly onto your router — every device connected to home Wi-Fi is now safe. And you have five slots for other devices left.

share your NordVPN account up to 6 devices_alt

Works on any device

Don’t worry about protecting different devices. Our VPN works on all the main operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

a female enjoying fastest VPN for safe browsing

Always-on security

Switch on the auto-connect feature and never worry about forgetting your security ever again. Auto-connect will automatically route your internet traffic through a secure VPN tunnel everytime you connect to Wi-Fi.

Lightning fast connection

fastest VPN connection

Stay safe without being slowed down

You don’t need to choose between speed and security. Have both with the fastest VPN on the planet. Pick NordVPN’s lightweight NordLynx protocol in the settings menu and enjoy a lightning-fast connection.

NordVPN provides unlimited bandwidth with a secure high-speed connection on any device

Unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and a secure, high-speed connection on any device. Work, browse, and stream without interruption. NordVPN offers 5563 servers in over 60 countries.

We’re always here to help

NordVPN customer support is ready to help 24/7_alt

Get in touch 24/7

If you run into a problem, our competent customer care team will find the best solution for you. Feel free to contact our friendly support agents 24/7. You can get in touch by email or live chat via our contact page.

NordVPN is always to here to keep your connection safe and sound_alt

Support hub

Surf our Help Center and find an answer yourself in this knowledge base. We are eager to help you solve your problems quickly and effectively.

Ultimate safety is just a couple of clicks away

No time to look for the most suitable server? We created a top-notch algorithm to help you connect to the best available VPN server in seconds. Just click the Quick Connect button and get protected immediately by our easy VPN. PC, smartphone, or tablet – secure any device with just a click.

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