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To begin with, the main concerns people are having when looking for a VPN provider are all related to online privacy and security. Protecting your data, hiding your identity and doing it with the most advanced and innovative VPN service – it seems that it is all that matters.

However, the important aspect that commonly gets overlooked when choosing a VPN service is the concern of reduced Internet speed that often appears with the VPN usage. This is all due to the nature of rerouting and encrypting traffic, which can make your Internet connection slightly or sometimes visibly slower comparing it with your local service provider.

All things considered, numerous factors influence the performance rate of a VPN service, starting from the Internet speed, the level of encryption, the protocol being used and ending with the distance to the chosen server. All these principal components result in speed reduction and unwanted interruptions while streaming video or downloading media content from the web.

Nevertheless, there are a few different ways you can compensate the speed-reduction when using VPN. First, you can choose not only the fastest VPN provider but also the one with the high number of servers available in different locations around the world. This way you will be more likely to find a server that is not crowded with other users all trying to use the very same bandwidth. Also, it is advisable to choose a server that is physically close to you. By doing so, you will reduce the distance your data must travel to be encrypted and hidden from government institutions, ISPs or hackers.

For this reason, we at NordVPN continually increase the number of servers available in different locations and invest in our software architecture. In order to achieve our goals and to be the best VPN on the market, we put extra time and effort to offer not only the world-class online security but also a super-fast VPN experience available from anywhere around the globe.

In addition to this, we support multiple servers with different optimization and configuration systems to please the needs of every customer. For instance, our ultra fast servers are tailored for video streaming and, therefore, deliver consistently fast connection speed. For those who want high-speed VPN for P2P activities, we recommend optimized P2P servers. By creating purpose-specific servers, we can assure better VPN experience, tailored to every user needs.

However, please bear in mind that advanced security features such as Double VPN will naturally slow down your Internet connection due to the multiple layers of encryption. On the contrary, by using OpenVPN UDP protocol, you can have the best combination of speed and security. Nevertheless, we are always looking for innovative solutions to deliver the best and the fastest VPN experience for every user, regardless of their needs and preferences.

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