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NordVPN’s new 10Gbps servers raise the bar for speed

Thanks to new 10Gbps servers, NordVPN is about to get a lot faster. And that’s important — a better VPN speed means a better experience streaming, downloading, and browsing online. We’ve already set the bar high, but the NordVPN team never stops working to raise it. That’s why, in cities across the world, our servers are getting a game-changing upgrade.

NordVPN’s new 10Gbps servers raise the bar for speed

Why do servers matter?

The technology behind a VPN can be confusing. There are a lot of moving parts and complex terminologies. But one thing that’s easy to understand is the important role of servers: their quality and quantity can really define a VPN.

When you use a VPN, you send and receive data through the VPN’s server. If the server is overloaded with traffic, it can slow down your internet performance. Speed, and by extension the quality of the server network, is a clear indicator of how good a VPN is.

For years, we’ve been using reliable 1Gbps servers, and they’ve worked pretty well. Now, however, we’re aiming higher.

10Gbps vs 1Gbps

We’re adding numerous 10Gbps servers to our infrastructure, replacing the 1Gbps servers we relied on until now. That will significantly improve speed and performance for our users.

These new additions will also future-proof our systems. With the roll-out of 5G coverage, people are going to be moving a lot more data a lot faster: we need to make sure our infrastructure can handle that.

The next question is “When will NordVPN’s 10Gbps servers be available?” — and the good news is…

They’re already here

Around 20% of our current network uses 10Gbps servers. From Amsterdam to Singapore, some of our users are already getting the benefits of the first 10Gbps servers. Multiple cities in the US — including New York, Seattle, and Miami – are either completely or partly covered.

That’s just the beginning, of course. Eventually, we want to establish 10Gbps servers around the globe.

Here are some of the key locations we’re focusing on getting completely upgraded right now:

  • Seattle, US
  • Atlanta, US
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • London, UK

1Gbps servers were useful to begin with, but the number of people relying on NordVPN for secure internet access is skyrocketing. We’re going to keep improving our server speeds to meet that demand.

Why is speed so important for a VPN?

Speed can make or break a VPN service; there’s nothing as irritating as fluctuating download times and endless buffering.

All VPNs will reduce internet speed by a little, but with NordVPN, it should never be enough to significantly impede your browsing activities. That’s because our new 10Gbps servers are just the latest in a long line of tweaks and improvements.

What else has NordVPN done to improve speeds?

Though we’re still building and expanding our 10Gbps servers, we’ve been in the business of lightning-fast browsing for a long time.

We raised the bar this year with our new protocol, NordLynx. This unique encryption protocol combines the speed of WireGuard with improved security. To make sure we were hitting our ambitious targets, we then ran hundreds of speed tests, proving that NordVPN has never been faster.

We’ve also built a global network with 6400 servers worldwide. We have over 1800 servers in the US alone.

See how fast NordVPN is for yourself.