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The best VPN for Nintendo Switch

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Why you need a VPN for your Nintendo Switch

ddos protection shield

Protection from DDoS attacks

Never become a target of a DDoS attack. With NordVPN, you won’t be slowed down or disconnected from the game because someone decided to overwhelm your network.

man speedometer fast red

Play at lightning speed

Shorter connection routes between you and the gaming servers can reduce lag and in-game delay. Connect to a NordVPN server closest to the game’s own servers, and get an advantage over other players.

With 5500+ servers across 59 countries to choose from, NordVPN lets you switch between servers to get the fastest connection speeds possible.

bandwidth throttling

Avoid bandwidth throttling

Lag can ruin a game. Hide your data traffic from your ISP and experience gaming at full speed – they won’t be able to stop you.

How to set up VPN on Nintendo Switch

There are two different ways to encrypt all connections on your Nintendo Switch with NordVPN:

hotspot vpn

Use a hotspot

Install NordVPN on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet and connect to any VPN server you want. Next, set up a mobile hotspot and connect your Nintendo Switch to it. That’s it – all data traveling to and from your Nintendo will be encrypted.

nordvpn router setup

Use a VPN router

Install NordVPN on your home Wi-Fi router. This method will take more time, but you will be able to secure not only your Nintendo Switch but every other connected device in your home as well.

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