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WiGig (60 GHz Wi-Fi)

WiGig (60 GHz Wi-Fi) definition

WiGig, or 60 GHz Wi-Fi, operates in the 60 GHz frequency band, which makes it perfect for high-speed data transmission capabilities. In cybersecurity, speed capabilities enhance some security features that eventually reduce the risk of outside interceptions. The faster speeds are achieved by utilizing the IEEE 802.11ad protocol, so to put it simply, WiGig or 60 GHz has lower latency than traditional Wi-Fi networks.

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Common use cases of WiGig:

  • High-speed office networks: Organizations use WiGig in their environments simply because of the fast networking capabilities. High bandwidth is a reliable medium for quickly transferring larger quantities of media, like larger files. Moreover, the limited range helps to maintain a secure network perimeter in the given space.
  • Telemedicine and remote healthcare: The abilities of WiGig facilitate such industries as healthcare. Due to high-quality, real-time video consultations, enterprises and healthcare organizations can employ remote patient consultations, monitoring, and real-time patient data sharing.
  • Cloud gaming and high-performance gaming Setups: WiGig enables low-latency connections, which suits gaming well. High-speed cloud gaming services and wireless gaming setups are now more flexible and allow real-time streaming of high-quality games while eliminating the need for wired connections.