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Wi-Fi protected setup

Wi-Fi protected setup

(also WPS)

Wi-Fi protected setup definition

Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS, offers a quicker way to link devices to a wireless network. Instead of keying in a long password, you either press a button on your router and device or input a short PIN. Yet, this method can be less secure than traditional connections. As a precaution, some users prefer to disable WPS.

See also: WPA key

Examples of Wi-Fi protected setup

  • Home office integration. When adding a wireless printer to a home office, WPS can offer a quick connection method. Yet manually entering Wi-Fi credentials remains an option.
  • Guest connectivity. For those considering giving guests Wi-Fi access, pressing the WPS button on their device and the router is one of the methods.
  • Smart home expansion. When introducing smart devices to a home, WPS might be used for network connection. However, a traditional setup process is also available.
  • Boosted signal. If considering the addition of a Wi-Fi extender to improve signal strength, WPS could provide an initial connection point.
  • Upgrading entertainment. When replacing older entertainment devices such as TVs and gaming consoles with newer models, WPS can connect them to the home network.

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