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Unified storage

Unified storage

Unified storage definition

Unified storage refers to a storage system that can handle and store multi-format data in a single integrated system. It can store file data like NAS-network-attached storage and block data from the SAN-storage area network. In terms of cybersecurity, unified systems allow the implementation of various security strategies and apply security policies.

See also: storage management

Common use cases of unified storage in cybersecurity:

  • Security measure enhancement: Centralized security protocols are easily applied across unified storage systems, meaning encryption and access control can work on file-level and block-level data to boost data protection.
  • Simplifying compliance: As far as compliance standards, like GDPR or HIPAA, are concerned, unified storage systems simplify data management and monitoring using a singular set of tools.
  • Incident response efficiency: In case of cyber attacks, unified storage systems let administrators react quickly, access different types of data all at once, and implement correct security measures.

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