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Unauthorized access

Unauthorized access definition

Unauthorized access is gaining entry to computer resources without permission. It could be a system, network, software, or data. Sometimes a person has permission to access certain resources, but their device doesn’t (like when someone uses a personal laptop to connect to the work environment) — it all depends on the company's security policy.

Gaining unauthorized access

  • Phishing. Cybercriminals use phishing attacks to steal login credentials from people. Once logged into the system, the attackers may wreak havoc, steal data, or give themselves even higher access permissions.
  • Data breaches. People often reuse passwords both for their personal and work accounts. A hacker may look up an employee’s email, find out if their password was ever leaked, and try using it to log in.
  • Vulnerabilities. Sometimes a bug in your software or firewall is all it takes to grant an attacker access.
  • Poor security practices. Not limiting how much access employees of different levels have may lead to security breaches. An office administrator has no reason to have access to the company’s servers.

How to prevent unauthorized access

  • Teach your employees about common cybersecurity practices.
  • Keep your software updated to avoid as many bugs as possible.
  • Use NordVPN to encrypt your connections as an extra security measure.