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Security assessment

Security assessment

(also security control assessment)

Security assessment definition

Security assessment is a process of evaluating the security of an organization’s IT systems, applications, and policies. It identifies vulnerabilities and potential risks that could compromise an organization. Security assessments are critical to ensuring the security and integrity of an organization’s IT infrastructure and data.

See also: vulnerability assessment, security event management, control framework, OPSEC, key risk indicator

Examples of security assessment

  • Vulnerability assessment involves scanning an organization’s systems and applications for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The assessment typically includes both automated scanning tools and manual testing.
  • Penetration testing also known as a pen test, includes simulating a real-world attack on an organization’s systems and applications to identify potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Security audit is an evaluation of an organization’s security policies, procedures, and controls to ensure that they comply with industry standards and best practices.
  • Risk assessment involves identifying and evaluating the risks associated with an organization’s IT infrastructure and systems. Risk assessment also includes developing strategies to mitigate those risks.
  • Compliance assessment is an evaluation of an organization’s IT systems and applications to ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Cloud security assessment evaluates the security posture of an organization’s cloud-based infrastructure and applications. This type of assessment typically involves reviewing the cloud provider’s security controls and testing for vulnerabilities.

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