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Security event management

Security event management

(also SEM)

Security event management definition

Security event management is the process of identifying, gathering, monitoring, and reporting security events in systems and software. SEM records and sorts these events, and it helps security specialists and sysadmins to analyze the incidents and adjust how the system works, improve or change the security measures, or introduce new policies and procedures.

Security event management vs. security information management

Security information management is a tool used in SEM that automates the storage and analysis of security events. Administrators can use filtering to sort out the security events that require their attention and review them in a centralized server.

Security event management vs. security information and event management

Security information and event management combines security information and security event management to offer real-time monitoring and analysis of security events while also logging and tracking all the event data for further review.

Security information and event management offers advanced real-time threat recognition by using AI and machine learning. This improves the company’s efficiency when responding to possible security events. AI implementation also allows this system to recognize advanced and unknown threats, preventing possible security breaches.

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