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(also Metasploit framework)

Metasploit definition

Metasploit is a popular open-source penetration testing framework used by cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers to assess network and system vulnerabilities. It comprises a suite of tools, including exploit modules, payloads, and encoders, that help identify and exploit vulnerabilities in target systems to test their security and heighten defenses against cyberattacks.

See also: ethical hacking, vulnerability assessment

Metasploit examples

  • EternalBlue: A Windows SMB vulnerability exploited by the WannaCry ransomware attack, which affected systems worldwide. Metasploit includes an exploit module for testing systems against EternalBlue.
  • SSH User Enumeration: A module in Metasploit that allows testing for SSH user enumeration vulnerability in target systems, which could expose user accounts to attackers.

Comparing Metasploit to other penetration testing tools

Metasploit vs. Nmap: While both are valuable tools, Metasploit is an exploitation framework that incorporates various tools, whereas Nmap is a network scanning tool used primarily for discovering open ports and services on a network.

Metasploit tips for users

  • Regularly update the Metasploit framework to access the latest exploit modules and payloads.
  • Use Metasploit in conjunction with other tools like Nmap and Wireshark for comprehensive penetration testing.
  • Always ensure you have legal authorization to perform penetration testing on a target system.