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Managed Video as a Service

(also MVaaS)

Managed Video as a Service definition

Managed Video as a Service is a cloud solution that provides video surveillance and storage services. With MVaaS, a third party takes care of hosting, storage, and management of surveillance camera footage, so that businesses and clients can focus on their area of expertise.

See also: SECaas, VPNaaS, backup as a service, cloud as a service

Uses of MVaaS

  • Education. Schools and universities use MVaaS for enhanced campus security and public area monitoring.
  • Healthcare. Hospitals and clinics use MVaaS to monitor sensitive areas and ensure health and safety standards compliance.
  • Transportation and logistics. In transportation hubs like airports, train stations, and large logistics operations, MVaaS helps to secure premises, monitor cargo, and manage the flow of people and goods.
  • Public safety and city surveillance. Municipalities employ MVaaS for public safety initiatives, traffic monitoring, and surveillance of public spaces.
  • Hospitality. Hotels and resorts use MVaaS to enhance guest security and monitor their premises and surrounding public areas.
  • Residential properties. For residential communities and property management, MVaaS provides a way to monitor common areas and enhance overall security.