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Logic bomb

Logic bomb

(also slag code, code bomb, cyber bomb)

Logic bomb definition

Malicious code inserted into a computer system, network, or software, that lies dormant until specific conditions are met. For example, an employee could rig an accounting program to delete records if it doesn’t see him or her on the payroll for some time.

Real logic bomb examples

2002: A logic bomb set by Roger Duronio, an unhappy employee, affected 2000 UBS PaineWebber servers and made it impossible for the company’s brokers to make trades.

2014-2016: David Tinley rigged spreadsheet software he developed for Siemens to fail at certain points so that the company would keep rehiring him to fix the problem.

Stopping a logic bomb

  • Use a reputable antivirus and regularly update it
  • Don’t click suspicious links or attachments
  • Keep your OS up to date

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