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(also keystroke recorder, keyboard capture)

Keylogger definition

A keylogger is software or hardware used to record (log) the keys being pressed on a keyboard, often without the user’s knowledge. While the technology itself is legal, most keyloggers are installed through malware to steal passwords and confidential information.

Real keylogger examples

2007-present: DarkHotel targets people over unsecured hotel Wi-Fi, using false security certificates to prompt victims to “update” their systems with a keylogger.

2015: Hackers stole up to 80 million records from Anthem, a US healthcare insurance firm, after using phishing emails to lure employees into downloading keyloggers.

Stopping a keylogger

  • Use a password manager to avoid typing your passwords
  • Use a reputable antivirus or special anti-keylogger software
  • Update your software regularly, including your OS