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Interoperability testing

Interoperability testing definition

Interoperability testing checks whether different systems can effectively interact and share data. It focuses on ensuring these systems work together seamlessly, regardless of their make or model. This type of testing is key in environments where multiple technologies coexist.

See also: operational testing, compatibility, forward compatibility

Examples of interoperability testing

  • Testing a mobile app across different smartphones ensures it works well on iOS and Android.
  • Hospitals test medical devices from various brands to ensure they can reliably process patient data.
  • Integrating and testing various smart home devices helps to confirm they communicate seamlessly in a unified system.
  • Interoperability testing assesses car infotainment systems to guarantee compatibility with various smartphones and media devices.
  • This test can evaluate routers, switches, and firewalls from multiple vendors in a network to check for seamless interoperability and security.